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Duggar cousin Amy King wants to ‘throw a middle finger up’ to her haters

Amy Duggar King may not be as well-known as her cousins, the Duggar kids, but that doesn’t mean she’s not on the receiving end of online bullying and taunting like her more famous family members. In fact, King recently admitted in a blog post that there are many days she wants to “throw a middle finger up in the air” to all of the rude people who call her names. But she’s decided to take the high road. Good for her!

Recently, King revealed on her blog, Dill and Duggs, that she’s been called every name in the book since first appearing on 19 Kids and Counting. “There were ‘hate groups’ calling me fat, fake, ugly, or an attention whore,” King wrote. “I can’t tell you how many nights black tears would just roll down my face at night. All I wanted was to delete my Instagram and Twitter. I received so many low blows that I was beginning to think less of myself. I was beginning to believe their lies.”

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However, King then goes on to say that instead of getting sucked in by the negative, she chooses to live in the light. King recognizes the fact that when people are saying so many negative things toward or about someone they don’t even know, it’s likely because they themselves are unhappy. “Whoever types offensive comments on the internet is a coward,” King said. “They have probably been bullied themselves and so they want to lash out to hurt you.” King also went on to say that before she opens any of her social media accounts for the day, she “prays for a shielded heart and improved self-control.”

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Everyone knows that the Duggars are no strangers to hate mail and online bullying, but it’s pretty sad — and a little surprising — that King would often be on the receiving end of such negativity. While it’s understandable why certain Duggars would be criticized ad nauseam, King is her own person, separate from the ultra-conservative Duggars. And she certainly didn’t have anything to do with the scandals the family has been involved in.

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It’s nice to hear that King has found a way to cope with the online bullying that she’s subject to, but being that she’s only human, the mean comments will likely still get to her sometimes. Hopefully, she’ll manage to shield her heart, as she says, and focus on all the good things she has in her life.

What do you think of King’s approach to handling online bullies?

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