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Joshua Jackson’s dad oddly addresses Diane Kruger, Norman Reedus ‘affair’

Joshua Jackson’s dad is breaking the No. 1 rule of celebrity scandals: Stay quiet.

While fans of longtime couple Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger are trying to piece together the confusing gossip about Kruger’s potential affair, Jackson’s dad has no qualms about speaking out to defend his son’s girlfriend.

John Carter Jackson weighed in on the affair to Rader Online, saying“She was having a good time in the Village restaurant. [Josh] would probably chuckle.” Probably?

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Last weekend, Kruger and The Walking Dead star Reedus were spotted drinking whiskey and making out in a New York bar. Sounds like a great time… if the man in question is your boyfriend and the paparazzi aren’t there to follow your every move.

According to eyewitnesses, they had a “high-school makeout session.” Despite trying to be incognito, they couldn’t help but draw attention to themselves: “They were on top of each other. Every time I looked over, she was on him, or he was on her.”

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Still, according to Carter Jackson, one night of indiscretion may not pose a problem for his son. “Basically, I think Diane has been a wonderful influence on Josh, so I wouldn’t say anything bad about her. Josh is just, in Hollywood, this is a rare, good kid.”

Try as we might, we’re not going to get any bad press out of Carter Jackson. He continued to praise the couple’s relationship, saying, “Josh has been raised in a really tough business, and I think he’s really a sweet kid, and I think Diane is, too. So you see I’m not going to say anything about my attitude towards the particular incident… I had some wild parties in the Village, that’s for sure!”

Does Josh feel the same way?

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