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Is American Horror Story: Hotel‘s The Countess dead?

The Countess and Donovan’s final moments of AHS: Hotel tonight did not seem promising.

But with that dramatic cliffhanger, we’re going to go ahead and say that we haven’t seen the last of Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer on the show.

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Because, well, they’re just bullets and those two are immortal. Right? Right?!

Um… wrong, given what The Countess and Donovan did to Valentino and Natasha just hours earlier.

Don’t worry just yet; there’s still a bright side. Even if they do die, all the unfinished business up in that hotel means that there is no way The Countess and Donovan aren’t returning to haunt Iris and Liz Taylor.

Of course, we don’t know if those with the blood virus can return in the way other people have. None of the ghosts haunting the hotel right now, that we know of, had the virus when they were killed. We also haven’t seen Tristan return to the show even though he died within the grounds of the Cortez. That doesn’t mean he won’t or can’t return, just that he hasn’t yet. So either he didn’t have any unfinished business, people with the virus can’t come back or we’re about to see his chiseled jaw in the very near future.

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Tristan aside, I think The Countess’ odds of survival are high. After everything she has been through, the decades of survival, for her to go down in a spray of bullets without any sort of fight seems a little too easy to be true. My guess is things for Iris and Liz Taylor are about to get super tragic.

Just hopefully not tragic for Donovan because I already thought we had lost him once on the show and it broke my heart.

Plus, I could have watched an entire episode of him getting his “Hotline Bling” on and I would have been perfectly happy. Don’t even try to say you disagree.

Just because I think The Countess survives Liz Taylor’s bullets, doesn’t mean that I think The Countess will survive the season. I definitely think that she has a bloody and tragic end coming her way. But we still have a few episodes left in the season before it’s her time.

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In between, then, we have to figure out all this Bartholomew nonsense, not to mention those vamp kids and the question of Will Drake’s fortune. And that’s just in The Countess’ story line. So she had better either have a backup plan for those bullets or some ghosty business prepared because that is way too many unanswered questions to expect anyone to feel content with her story line.

Do you think The Countess will meet her true death or does her unfinished business mean it’s ghost time?

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