Daddy's Home: Watch Will Ferrell try to out-dad Mark Wahlberg in hilarious clip

Dec 17, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. ET

It's biological dad vs. stepdad in this new comedy that pits funnyman Will Farrell against sexy hunk, Mark Wahlberg, and we have an exclusive clip.

Brad Taggart (Will Ferrell) is a sweet and loving husband to his wife, Sarah (Linda Cardellini), and tries to be the best stepdad he can be to her two children. But things get a little out of control when Sarah's ex-husband, Dusty (Mark Wahlberg), swaggers back into town.

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Dusty is sexy, very athletic and super cool, especially to his two kids, who idolize him. Even though Brad knows Dusty's just a loser who abandoned his kids, he can't help but feel inadequate around him. Before long, a battle of the dads ensues, and it doesn't look as if Brad can win.

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In our exclusive clip, we see Brad trying to compete with Dusty by skateboarding down the ramp that Dusty has built in the backyard. Brad's attempt at a McTwist results in surprising but hilarious consequences.

Though we don't typically think of Wahlberg as a comedic actor, Ferrell recently told Variety, "Mark is really funny — he is entertaining and really charming and one of those actors who can do it all. It's nice that we have a shorthand with each other from The Other Guys, so filming this movie was a lot of fun. Once again, I play the straight-laced guy, and Mark is kind of the crazy one. We're the perfect combination together."

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For Wahlberg, he doesn't see a big difference between doing drama or comedy.

"I approach comedy roles the same way I approach everything else, and the key is to make it as real as possible. There's no separate formula or preparation. I just try to make it real and stay committed to the situation, no matter how absurd it is, and hope people will enjoy it and believe it," he said.

Daddy's Home opens in theaters on Dec. 24.

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