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The Biggest Loser: 5 Spoilers for Season 17 (VIDEO)

It’s hard to believe, but The Biggest Loser has reached its 17th season. Far from growing stale, the show is mixing it up big-time for the new season, which will feature new contestants, new challenges and a new host.

1. Bob Harper as host

Alison Sweeney is out and Bob Harper is in as the newest host of The Biggest Loser. Harper has an engaging personality, so fans are looking forward to seeing him in this new role.

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2. Familiar faces

Every once in a while, The Biggest Loser throws the viewers a curveball in the form of a celebrity contestant. Ruben Studdard made quite the impression when he joined the show, and now, Erin Willett (from The Voice) and Richard Hatch (the first winner of Survivor) hope to do the same. Willett’s story is especially inspiring, as she struggled with bulimia after her brief stint on The Voice.

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3. Tons of temptation

In the past, The Biggest Loser has been accused of not adequately preparing contestants for the real world. Although it takes a lot of mental strength to lose a ton of weight in a boot camp environment, getting back to the temptations of real life is just as difficult, if not worse.

Numerous contestants have exited the show looking slim and trim, only to gain back all of the weight they lost. Season 17 aims to fix this by forcing contestants to face temptation on a regular basis. Not only will this better prepare them for their The Biggest Loser exit, it will make the show that much more interesting for viewers, who will be eager to see who gives in to temptation.

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4. A new house

The recently released preview for The Biggest Loser offered a very brief glimpse of the show’s new house, which features a huge swimming pool. The contestants will also have the opportunity to break a sweat in the show’s brand-new gym.

5. Newish trainers

OK, the trainers aren’t exactly new, but they will take on a new form of competitiveness as they go head-to-head. Jen Widerstrom will return for her second season, while this will be Dolvett Quince’s sixth season on the show. Widerstrom is determined to “make an even bigger impression… than last season,” but Quince is all about helping the contestants on his team discover their true selves. It will be interesting to see these two and their respective teams duke it out.

The Biggest Loser returns to NBC on Jan. 4 at 8/7c.

Are you looking forward to the new season of The Biggest Loser? Comment and share your opinion below.

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