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Miley Cyrus upsets her fans by drawing all over her dog’s head (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus is in hot water with fans for posting pictures of her dog, Milky, with pen marks on his head and nail polish on his paws.

Miley Cyrus adopted white Pit Bull Milky in November and is already causing controversy with animal lovers. She posted two photos on Tuesday, Dec. 15 that have fans outraged.
In the Instagram photo, Milky is sleeping while nestled up in an orange blanket. There appear to be blue pen marks on his head and neon green nail polish on his paws.

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Cyrus captioned the photo, “Hippie dawgggg! #milkymilkymilk.”

One commenter wrote, “That poor dog.”

Another commented, “Really?????really???? He’s nor a coloring book use your brain my dear. Or what’s left of it (sic).”

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“I feel bad too! Dog is not toy. Stop the prank…” wrote another follower

Just an hour later, Cyrus posted another photo, this time with her and Milky.
Cyrus captioned this photo, “Milkyzzzzz ear still smelllllz like baby puppy!”

Milky is still chilling and the pen marks are just as visible. But commenters were more focused on sharing what they said was Cyrus’ private phone number, telling Cyrus how to get more Instagram followers and how to get a free MacBook/iPhone/iPad. Much less outrage in this one.

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Considering I dressed my dog in a Christmas costume to see a man dressed as a dog in a Santa suit, I’m not really one to judge when it comes to decorating one’s dog. But if pen on a human’s skin isn’t healthy, I’m not sure how it impacts a dog’s little system.

As for Milky’s paw nails, there is dog-specific nail polish that’s safe for them just in case they lick or chew their paws. Cyrus doesn’t mention if this is dog-safe or not. Given she has an album called Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz, I really hope she’s not trying to bring her creative musical endeavor to real life.

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