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RHONY‘s Ramona Singer involved in booze-fueled drama at holiday party

Ramona Singer behaved so badly at a recent party that she was asked to leave, but she may have manufactured all the drama for the cameras.

Singer and Dorinda Medley’s boyfriend John Mahdessian got into a huge fight at a holiday after-party Tuesday night after a boozy confrontation, resulting in Singer getting tossed from the bash — but not before she revealed that she was purposely trying to start drama for The Real Housewives of New York cameras.

“This all started at Sushi Roxx,” an insider who saw the whole thing go down told the New York Daily News‘ “Confidential.” “Everyone was having a great time, especially Ramona and Sonja (Morgan). They had dinner, they danced… everybody was rocking.”

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The trouble started when the party moved to Mahdessian’s Madame Paulette cleaners for a private after-party, cameras in tow. Some random dude showed up — “a 6-foot-5 drunk” — who started to make trouble.

“He was some big drunk guy who claimed he’d dated LuAnn (De Lesseps) in the past,” Mahdessian told the Daily News. “I didn’t even realize he was there at first. LuAnn had to leave because he was creating issues with her. Then he was having an issue with Ramona and Sonja, so I asked him to leave.”

But Mahdessian said rather than being grateful for defending her, Singer was angry at him for messing up “her scene.”

“She wanted the guy to stay because he was creating a shit show,” he said. “The problem was that Ramona kept encouraging this guy, fueling the fire.”

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The secret source elaborated, “Ramona flipped out (to Mahdessian), saying, ‘How dare you interfere with my show?’ It was a horrible scene. Ramona was screaming and going nuts — John put his hands in her face and yelled for her to stop.”

Mahdessian eventually kicked her out, but Singer wasn’t angry or embarrassed about it — instead, the witness said she was quite pleased with herself.

“She was standing (outside) on the corner cackling about ruining the party,” said the insider. “John told everyone it was because she was miserable and alone. He said he thinks ‘she’s an angry, bitter bitch.'”

Singer has not commented on the incident.

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