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Jane the Virgin‘s fall finale ends in major betrayal for pregnant Petra

If we have to say goodbye to Jane the Virgin for a few months, at least we got to bid adieu with a heartwarming holiday-themed fall finale. Who doesn’t love a good Christmas miracle?

And the miracles were aplenty in “Chapter 30.” Nearly every character was on the receiving end of a moving moment or two. Unfortunately for everyone’s favorite former villain, though, the goodwill stopped just shy of Petra (Yael Groblas). Or, more accurately, it came to a screeching halt.

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For the most part, the characters enjoyed more ups than downs. After a rough few weeks for Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni) after learning of the latter’s most recent lie, the couple came to a new level of understanding through couples therapy. Jane also learned that — despite the fact the now-broke Rogelio (Jaime Camil) actually funded the full scholarship she thought she had — she could continue her grad school studies by acting as a teacher’s aide and through a short story competition.

The Villanuevas discovered Michael (Brett Dier) had secretly fixed their sentimental angel tree topper, enabling them to carry on their longstanding Christmas tradition. In the same scene, Rogelio found his next passion project via his intern’s script and Alba got her green card (yay!).

As for Petra, things got off to a shaky start. The stress of Ivan’s death has become so overwhelming to the pregnant Petra that she is haunted by illusions of him and it is causing her blood pressure to rise to dangerous heights. Things seem to take a turn for the better when Rafael expresses genuine concern and asks her to tell him what’s going on.

I mean, whew, right? Carrying around so many secrets has been such an emotional (and due to the twins, physical) burden on Petra. Coming clean about everything — and I mean everything — to Rafael had to be a huge relief.

Especially when Rafael said he didn’t hate her even after she admitted to holding Ivan hostage, covering up for her crazy mom upon realizing she tried to kill Alba, being blackmailed into marrying Milos and, of course, dumping Milos’ lifeless body into the ocean.

At that point, Rafael finally urges Petra to do the thing we’ve all been screaming silently in our heads at Petra for weeks: Call the cops on that lunatic you call your mother!

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I’ll probably get skewered for saying so, but I feel as though there was a bit of a spark between Petra and Rafael in that moment. In my ideal word, Jane would reconcile with Michael (or, hey, Professor Chavez is growing on me, too) and Raf and Petra would end up together. I can’t help it — I adore Petra’s character.

But mere moments after Rafael hands the phone to Petra and says, “Let’s get your mother out of your life,” there is a knock at the door. In true Jane the Virgin cliffhanger fashion, the police barge into Raf’s suite at the Mirabella and handcuff Petra — Magda has betrayed her daughter once again.

Now the hard part truly begins, because we have to agonize over Petra’s fate for months before the show resumes in the early spring of 2016. And, you know, it probably won’t be a walk in the park for pregnant Petra either.

As the narrator reminds us, however, “That’s the thing about miracles — there are only so many of them… or else we wouldn’t call them miracles, would we?”

Could there be another miracle milling about somewhere in the stratosphere for Petra? How will this play out? So. Many. Questions.

Petra is pretty far along, so it’s entirely possible the latter half of the season will really spice things up with a prison delivery. What if Petra isn’t released from prison after the birth of the twins? It seems safe to assume Rafael would get custody of the babies. Unless, of course, Magda finds some way to interfere and/or lay claim to them.

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Whatever the case may be, the entire cast may be in store for a major pick-me-up come Jan. 10 when Rodriguez vies for Best Actress in a TV Series at the Golden Globes.

What do you think will happen? Are we headed for birth behind bars?

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