5 Moments that might have been faked in Kate Plus 8 Season 4

Rumor has it that Kate Plus 8 might not actually be the most realistic reality show there ever was. Here are five times things seemed a little too… strategic.

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As early as 2009, viewers of the Kate Gosselin franchise have expressed skepticism as to the genuine nature of the show. After all, who takes that many family vacations, especially with eight kids in tow? And would all those vacations really go so smoothly?

According to a new book, scenes in Jon and Kate Plus 8 were most definitely staged, including those in which oldest daughters Mady and Cara start school and the children spend time with their nanny. But that was in the early days, when Jon and Kate were still together and new(ish) to the reality show game (before they divorced and he accused her of child abuse), so it can’t possibly still be going on now in Season 4 of Kate Plus 8… right? Even though the season is only two episodes old, there might be evidence to the contrary.

1. Mady and Cara talk to some boys on the beach in Florida

In the first episode of the season, Kate interviewed that she felt totally unprepared to deal with her kids dating, flirting or driving. Season 4 has been packaged as featuring the challenges of puberty, so it doesn’t seem totally unlikely that this encounter between Mady, Cara and some innocent Florida teenagers wasn’t conjured by producers. After all, they were shooting a TV show on a public beach. (Probably not staged? Mady’s super crabbiness towards her mother.) 

2. The golf cart

I don’t know, you couldn’t have walked to the beach? It seemed particularly dramatic to have Kate and the kids in a golf cart in traffic. There are allegedly some perks to being on a reality show and maybe one of them could be getting escorted to a place where you’re filming. This scene did give Kate a chance to talk about how vulnerable she felt and how much she valued safety.

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3. The Korean barbecue experience

Benevolent attempt to create conversation about the kids’ heritage or coordinated response to accusations that she’s a terrible parent? “Contrary to popular belief, their heritage is very important to me,” said Kate on the first part of the Florida trip. Great! Except in the same scene, she couldn’t help but add, “Heritage: Check.” Don’t worry, Kate, I’m sure you’ll never have to talk about it again.

4. Deep sea fishing/vomiting

On Tuesday’s episode, Kate and the kids, still in Florida, take to the high seas for a deep sea diving adventure. Ayden and Leah get sick on the boat, which upsets Kate, who apparently really loves deep sea fishing. The vomiting clearly wasn’t staged, but it does beg the question, is this much in one day necessary? Was it just packed in so that there could be a little drama?

5. The water park

Kate has a germ problem, the teenagers are cranky and the little kids are tired of being herded, but still they go to the water park? It’s like a very convenient disaster waiting to happen, which can only be redeemed by Alexis getting to hold an alligator.

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Do you think these scenes were staged, or has everything in this season, and seasons past, been real? Tell us in the comments.

Kate Florida
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