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Coco Austin responds to unfair judgment on her parenting choices

New mom Coco Austin took to Twitter to defend her parenting skills.

Just two weeks after giving birth to baby girl Chanel, Austin is getting attacked online about her perceived lack of parental judgment. She wants fans to know she doesn’t have help at home. Instead, she’s 100 percent mom.

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Austin tweeted, “Some comments really frustrate me at times… some assume since u have money and live in a ‘celebrity world that you don’t do shit!” With their reality show Ice Loves Coco, Austin and husband Ice-T are certainly a part of a privileged class. But Austin doesn’t want that to change fans’ perception of her.

But what’s wrong with having a little help if you need it, especially if you’re a working mother? She apparently has plenty of time to devote to her newborn, saying, “Let me add, I don’t have nannies or babysitters. I’ve been 100% hands on w/ Chanel. I also clean my own house and do my own laundry 100% wife.” Does she want a medal? Austin is being a little hard on herself here. Even us non-celebrities spring for a babysitter once in a while.

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Austin may simply be folding under the pressure of all of her recent online drama. She recently posted shots of her body pre- and post-pregnancy, telling women she gained only 13 pounds over the nine months. Needless to say, new moms weren’t too happy to hear about how gorgeous her body looked immediately after giving birth. In true celebrity fashion, she wrote on Instagram, “I believe anybody too could go through a wonderful [pregnancy] experience.”

With this latest move, Austin will have to try a little harder if she wants to get the mommy community back on her side.

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