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Adele’s Live in New York City delivers tear-jerking performance (VIDEO)

NBC aired Adele Live in New York City, and it made the Internet cry tears of joy.

Adele has broken records by selling five million copies of her album 25, and she broke hearts all over the Internet on Monday, Dec. 14, with her NBC special, Adele Live in New York City.

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Taped in November at Radio City Music Hall, Adele’s performance featured a lot of great moments, including an opening comment about a flip phone (Hello?) and classics like, “Someone Like You,” and “Rolling in the Deep.”

After singing her latest hit, “When We Were Young,” she shared, “I know I’ve been quiet. I just wanted to come back and surprise you.”

Based on the glowing reactions on Twitter, it seems like everyone who watched the special was surprised in the best way possible. Like the performance of a generation, next level surprised.

@DanielZelaya tweets, “She looks great, she sounds great, she IS GREAT! @Adele is perfection! She is the best vocalist of our generation. #AdeleNBC #AdeleLiveinNYC.”

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“When she hits those notes and I just I wanna thank her mom for giving her life #AdeleLiveInNYC,” tweeted @salem_hellkat.

“#AdeleLiveInNYC raw talent. No dancers. No auto tune. No nudity. That is how it is done,” tweeted @tlcoats.

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Adele even inspired one dude to forget about hooking up. @_mattron tweeted, “Forget Netflix and chill tonight. All about wine and Adele @Adele #AdeleLiveInNYC.”

Even NBC got in on the action. @NBC tweeted, “It’s just allergies. That’s a lie. We’re totally crying. #AdeleLiveinNYC.”

Well, when you’ve even made a network cry (in a good way), a dude give up his plans to “Netflix and chill,” and there are literally no Twitter trolls hating on you, you’ve made quite a dent. It’s actually a modern pre-Christmas miracle. Adele for the win!

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Image: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment

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