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The Voice gets slammed after butchering holiday classics

The best of the best have made to the finale for The Voice, but after tonight’s disappointing holiday tunes, fans are wondering if this season’s top four truly represent the cream of the crop.

Image: NBC

Tonight marked the final opportunity for the top four singers to show the audience they have what it takes to win The Voice. Sure, Jordan Smith has basically been destined to win from the moment he took the stage during the blind auditions, but it’s still nice to see the other contestants try their best to knock him off of his pedestal.

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For the first evening of the finale, the remaining singers were asked to impress their fans with new and exciting renditions of holiday classics. Unfortunately, with the possible exception of (of course) Smith, the contestants failed to impress viewers. In fact, numerous fans of The Voice were very annoyed by the flat, pitchy voices that dominated tonight’s episode.

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Image: NBC

Interestingly enough, one of the main culprits of the evening was Gwen Stefani. During a duet with Jeffery Austin, Stefani sounded nearly as bad as Adam Levine when he butchered a Beach Boys hit a few weeks ago. It’s inexcusable for contestants to sound less than their best when they reach the final four, but it’s even worse when a coach messes up. Based on the super negative tweets about Stefani’s performance, it looks like Blake Shelton is the only person who will truly miss her when she takes a break from The Voice.

A few fans claimed that Stefani should have kept her mouth shut and let Austin take over during their duet. But this wasn’t necessarily a vote of confidence for Austin, as he did not escape criticism. A few select fans praised Austin’s cover of “O Holy Night,” but far more thought that he sounded off, especially while attempting to reach the higher limits of his vocal range. Several viewers couldn’t help but note that Smith would have had no trouble hitting the very notes that caused Austin so much trouble.

The other big disappointment of the night was Emily Ann Roberts. Throughout the season, she has largely been regarded as Smith’s distant, but still talented runner-up. Tonight, however, she failed to reach her potential. The same Twitter users who praised Roberts in weeks past found themselves sharing far harsher critiques tonight.

One disgruntled viewer thought the entire episode was a huge waste of time. In her opinion, PDA from Shelton and Stefani would have made for a far more entertaining evening.

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Were you disappointed by tonight’s episode of The Voice? Who do you think will emerge victorious tomorrow evening? Comment and share your opinion below.

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