Elise’s departure from Après Ski is actually a good thing

Well, I was wrong. Last week’s episode of Après Ski ended with Elise’s fate up in the air. I didn’t believe for one second that she’d be let go, but apparently, I was wrong. At the beginning of Monday’s brand-new episode, Tamara fired Elise, not for lack of result, but because of her poor attitude.

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There was always a chance that Elise would be let go from her role as operations manager, but I really thought Tamara and Joey would keep her around. Now with Elise gone, who’s taking over as operations manager? As showcased, Jim temporarily held the position, but by episode’s end, he became the full-time manager. Despite Bobby having trouble accepting Jim as his boss (he’s just mad he didn’t get to Joey first), he soon came to terms with it, and Gibbons Life had their most successful week yet.

Granted, without Elise, the show is going to be a bit boring. At least, there’s only one episode left, right? Without fail, Elise brought the drama and the entertainment. Even if you weren’t a fan, you can’t deny she made the show. That said, her parting ways with the company really is the best thing for everyone.

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Not only does the team now have a much better rapport with one another, but there’s no tension (save for Bobby finding fault with Jim for that short bit), everyone is happy, the team is actually having fun and, most important, everybody is enjoying their jobs. Is this too good to be true? Based on next week’s promo for the Season 1 finale, it sure looks like there will be more drama between Bobby and Jim, but for now, all is well in Whistler.

Elise might not see it that way, but I give her props for walking away with her head held high and learning from her mistakes. Plus, she’s probably better off without Gibbons Life and will surely succeed elsewhere in her hometown of Pittsburgh. Here’s hoping it’s without drama and tension.

Après Ski‘s Season 1 finale airs on Monday at 10/9c on Bravo.

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