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Is Vanderpump Rules‘ James past redemption after his latest antics?

And the downfall of James Kennedy continues on Vanderpump Rules. If Season 4 has proven anything, it’s that James needs to get a handle on his emotions and stop causing arguments, but most importantly, he needs to stop speaking to women (especially Kristen) disrespectfully. James, your antics need to cease, stat.

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Not only did James prove that he’s pretty much worse than Jax when it comes to his actions and outbursts during Monday’s episode, but his latest move shows just how immature he truly is. I don’t know if he’ll ever find redemption. While picking up his belongings at Kristen’s apartment, the two got into quite the heated argument (shocking, I know) about Jax. Clearly, James just can’t get past the fact that Kristen cheated on Sandoval with Jax, because that makes complete sense. James, you weren’t even dating Kristen at the time. Plus, you cheated on her, so hypocrite much?

Anyway, Kristen escorted James out of her apartment, but before leaving, he spit on her door, called her a slut, told her if she ever gets married she’ll end up divorced and basically said she has nothing but her sad T-shirt line. Check out James leaving his saliva all over Kristen’s door here.

What a classy guy, right? Kristen and James have never had the healthiest of relationships, but he continues to act out around her, which somehow includes slamming and degrading her in more ways than one. James, you need to move on, like Kristen is doing. Maybe he needs to listen to the advice his mom gave him during Monday’s episode?

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This was the first time viewers met James’ mom, Jacqueline, who was quite lovely. Not only does she love her son more than words, but she offered up some sound advice that James should most definitely take to heart. First, she told James that he needs to be done with the drama, have fun and enjoy being single because he is only 23. Then, after admitting he drinks a lot, Jacqueline said that the worst time for somebody to drink is when they’re in a bad place. Finally, she said that James needs to be on the ball when he is out at clubs, because those are the places where he can network and advance himself.

During their heart-to-heart, James became quite teary. It was revealed that his mom and dad are divorcing after 24 years of marriage. It’s hitting home and upsetting him immensely, and rightfully so. However, that doesn’t excuse his actions one bit.

James, your mom is a genius, meaning you need to take all of her advice to heart, because maybe that’s how you’ll find your redemption and turn your life around.

Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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