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Supergirl: 8 Reasons the first half of Season 1 was a total letdown

The Supergirl buzz started late in 2014 and continued through the summer and fall of 2015.

Comic book fans and feminists alike bubbled with anticipation as the October premiere date got closer, and we all held our breath in hopes that Supergirl would deliver on the hype. So, now that the midseason finale has aired and the CBS show has been given a full order to finish the rest of the season, does it seem like it has?

The answer, sadly, is no. Here’s why Supergirl has left many viewers sorely disappointed.

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1. Supergirl lives in Superman’s shadow

Though the name Superman is not even really uttered on the show, his presence is constantly felt through Kara mentioning her cousin or other references from James, Cat or Winn. There’s even a point early in Season 1 where Superman shows up and literally casts a shadow over Supergirl as she fends off a villain.

Either bring Superman into the plot or leave him out, because his looming over Kara’s shoulder seems demeaning.

2. The problem with Kara

One of Supergirl‘s biggest problems is Kara’s constant immaturity. She is supposed to be an adult superhero, so why does she always act like an adolescent? Her behavior around James is embarrassing and it’s starting to get juvenile just how much she blabbers on about how great Supergirl is to other people.

3. The fight scenes leave something to be desired

They just don’t feel real. You can’t feel the punches land and, for an action show, the combat is over before it evens starts.

4. The villains

From their cheap appearance to their lack of presence in general, the villains Supergirl faces every week have been a major letdown.

5. Winn’s crush on Kara is kind of lame

Yes, it might be a set-up for a later plotline, but Winn’s constant pining over Kara is starting to feel like nails on a chalkboard. By the same token, Kara’s schoolgirl crush on James Olsen is just sad.

6. It’s over-trying to be feminist
Besides dropping in one-liners about girl power, Supergirl really isn’t doing women any favors.

7. The writing is bad
Little to no character development, weak and predictable plotlines, dull weekly episodes — many viewers think Supergirl‘s writing is just plain elementary.

8. It’s no Jessica Jones

Some fans were angered by my opinion that Jessica Jones‘ superiority to Supergirl might mean trouble for the CBS show. I don’t think viewers should have to choose between Jessica Jones and Supergirl, but honestly, Jessica Jones was so badass, it just highlighted Supergirl‘s weaknesses. Hopefully the Netflix show will start a trend that will usher in more female-centric action shows that are awesome. Not everyone agrees Supergirl is the bastion of feminism it’s trying to be.

That being said, there are many fans who love Supergirl. That’s the beauty of entertainment: We are all free to discuss our opinions about our favorite (or not-so-favorite) TV shows, movies and music, without personally attacking people whose views differ from our own… right?

What did you think of the first half of Supergirl Season 1?

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