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6 Things Scott Disick & Justin Bieber actually have in common

Scott Disick and Justin Bieber seem to have one unexpected thing in common: Kourtney Kardashian.

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Sources close to Kardashian have been saying that the reality star, who dated Scott Disick for years, is “hooking up” with the Biebs now. Color us surprised.

But on closer examination, it appears that Bieber and Disick have some other things in common.

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1. They have similar looks

At least, kind of. It’s mostly in the hair, which Bieber and Disick both wear in a similar, combed-back style.

2. They have an ego

Neither the Biebs nor Disick is exactly known for being humble. Disick has long referred to himself as “The Lord” and has encouraged others to do the same. And one look at JB’s Instagram is all it takes to know one thing for sure: The singer really loves himself.

3. They rock off-and-on relationships

Disick and Kardashian dated off and on for about a decade. Biebs had an on-again, off-again thing with Selena Gomez for years, as well.

4. They love expensive cars

Both their Instagram accounts reveal that Bieber and Disick love their fancy, four-wheeled toys. Unfortunately, those tend to get them into trouble…

5. They both have terrible driving records

It was revealed back in 2010 that Disick has a little bit of a spotty past, including speeding 47 miles per hour over the speed limit and and driving while intoxicated, both before he was 18. Bieber has a record of his own, including a number of reckless driving charges and a DUI.

6. Fans love to hate them

If there’s one thing the Internet loves, it’s trolling a celebrity. And anyone who lingers on comment sections can see that many rejoice at the idea of paparazzi leaking nudes of the Biebs, or Disick heading into another rehab stint. It may be cruel, but that’s online anonymity for you.

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Anything else these two have in common? Let us know down in the comments.

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