Why Mike & Molly's cancellation is great news for the Gilmore Girls reboot

Dec 14, 2015 at 7:41 p.m. ET
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If you're a fan of Mike & Molly, you might've heard that the CBS comedy is soon coming to an end. As sad as that is, especially if you adore Melissa McCarthy as leading lady Molly, there is somewhat of a silver lining. Before I get into just why it might be a good thing the comedy isn't returning after Season 6, let's talk about the show's cancellation.

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On Wednesday, Dec. 9, Mike & Molly actress Rondi Reed (she plays Mike's mother, Peggy) announced on Facebook that the upcoming Season 6 had been trimmed to 13 episodes, rather than the previously announced 22. "Before you hear it elsewhere (and some already have) this is the final and sixth season of Mike & Molly on CBS. It is also a shortened season (13 episodes) after the announced full renewal of 22 episodes back in March by the network."

A few days later, the cancellation news began circulating, which was a total bummer for fans. On Monday, McCarthy took to Twitter to comment on the disheartening news and tweeted, "I was shocked and heartbroken when @CBS canceled #MikeAndMolly. I would have shot this show for 50 more years. I'll miss my 2nd family."

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Her costar and onscreen husband, Billy Gardell, also tweeted Monday: "Mike and Molly returns Jan 6, it will be our last episodes. There are 13 of them. Thank you everyone who supported us."

Here's the silver lining: This might mean the chances are that much greater for McCarthy to return as Sookie for Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival. There's been talk that her schedule might be too busy for her to show up in Stars Hollow. Well, seeing as it's going to be less hectic now that Mike & Molly is over, here's hoping the Sookie Gilmore Girls fans all know and love will appear alongside Lorelai, Rory, Luke, Emily and whoever else signs on.

As you can see, fans are already crossing their fingers.


Here's hoping McCarthy can make time for Sookie, because Gilmore Girls wouldn't be the same without her.

Mike & Molly's final season premieres Wednesday, Jan. 6 at 8:30/7:30c on CBS.

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