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Jennifer Lawrence bashed for comments about Saint West (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lawrence has officially turned royal watchers against her by comparing the Kardashians to the world’s most popular princess.

Lawrence, who is busy promoting her new movie, Joy, compared the birth of Kim Kardashian’s baby boy, Saint, to that of the former Kate Middleton’s precious baby daughter, Charlotte, born last summer.

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“Oh, my God! It was like when Princess Kate was having a princess,” she told E! News reporter Marc Malkin when asked about Kim and Kanye West’s new arrival. “I can’t wait for it to be 16 years from now, we’ll have a teenage princess. That’s just the same in America and we’ll have a little prince.”

Lawrence does have her own Kardashian connection — family matriarch Kris Jenner surprised her with a visit on her birthday — but the relationship is apparently not so close that she has been able to lay eyes on little Saint. She told the reporter that she has not seen a picture of the baby yet. Nor does it appear that she was consulted about that controversial name.

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“I’m so mad that they stole my baby name, though — Saint Lawrence,” she joked.

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Laugh it up, Lawrence — the Internet does not think your quips are nearly as funny. Lovers of the royal family had absolutely nothing nice to say about Lawrence’s comparisons between an actual princess and the child of the world’s most notorious reality star.
So what do you think: Are the Kardashians America’s royal family or has Jennifer Lawrence well and truly lost her mind?

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