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The Duggars accused of lying in Jill & Jessa: Counting On premiere

The premiere of Jill & Jessa: Counting On seemingly didn’t shy away from the family’s scandals over the past year with eldest brother Josh Duggar.

But the facts weren’t just spun to make the family sound better. According to In Touch, many of the details weren’t even facts, but fiction.

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Specifically surrounding the counseling the family received following the revelation that their brother, Josh, had sexually molested multiple young girls, his sisters among them, for years as a teenager.

In the premiere of the show last night, Jessa said, “There was a period of time in our family when Josh was not to be trusted,” but she said that through counseling and over time, “that relationship was restored.”

But In Touch reports that Josh never had any formal counseling. And Jill and Jessa, who were both among their brother’s victims, didn’t receive professional help until years after the initial incident.

Rather, Josh built houses and participated in manual labor activities under the supervision of a family friend, not a certified mental health professional.

Still, Jill claimed the family went through “lots of different steps” after the incident to heal, including counseling “when that situation took place.”

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However, court documents revealed that it wasn’t until child services did a probe, years after the molestation, that the family finally got the girls into counseling.

During the year and a half between the initial discovery of Josh’s actions and parents Michelle and Jim Bob going to the authorities, In Touch reveals that the police reports state the girls were repeatedly molested.

Furthermore, Jill also said in the show last night that she felt it “wasn’t right” for her to be exposed as a victim and she said that she felt like she and her sister had been “thrown under the bus.”

But In Touch states that Jill and Jessa weren’t named in Josh’s crimes until they themselves chose to come out publicly.

All in all, if these reports about the Duggars’ lies are true, then it sounds like there was a lot of sympathy baiting going on that should have been carefully managed by TLC, but wasn’t.

The network knew they were taking a risk by allowing the Duggars to return to television. Jill & Jessa: Counting On has already been the subject of a lot of controversy.

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Now to allow lies about the molestation to be further permeated, thus lightening the truth of the situation and making it seem like it all wasn’t as big a deal as reported, the show is creating more harm than good.

Do you think TLC should cancel Jill & Jessa: Counting On?

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