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Details behind Prince Harry & Pippa Middleton’s romance are scandalous

Another Middleton sister just might land herself a prince, and we think this cute couple would be royally perfect for each other.

The possibility of a romance between Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry was one of the most talked-about aspects of the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (after Pippa’s stunning rear view, of course), and now it seems that possibility could be a reality.

A source told OK! magazine that Pippa and Harry have been locked in a “secret romance” for several months, but that the passion between them goes back years.

The insider revealed that while the pair knew each other for years during Will and Kate’s courtship, “sparks flew” at the royal wedding and the two couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

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“Kate went to check her makeup and found them snogging in the bathroom!” the insider revealed about one awkward wedding reception encounter.

While nothing serious came of it in the direct aftermath, now that both are single — Pippa recently called it quits with her longtime love Nico Jackson — Harry reportedly has stepped up his flirtation game.

“There’s always been sexual tension between them, even when they were dating other people,” the source explained. And for their first hot date, Harry reportedly “lit candles and put on some soft music he thought she’d like — Adele, Ellie Goulding, Bruno Mars. They sipped wine and then ate a pasta carbonara that he’d prepared himself.”

The insider does not reveal what happened next, although after a heavy carb-laden meal we can’t imagine it was too scandalous.

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But in a more scintillating tidbit, the mag claims that on another occasion, Prince William caught the couple in bed together at Harry’s apartment.

“They’re trying to play it coy,” the insider said, “but there’s no doubt that this is developing into something serious. They’re truly sweet together and, in fact, seem very much in love.”

We remain hopeful yet skeptical of this report, but seriously, how great would a second Middleton-Wales wedding be?

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