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Justin Bieber’s ‘mystery girl’ revealed — and it isn’t Kourtney Kardashian

Justin Bieber’s latest dating rumor is throwing Keeping Up with the Kardashian fans for a loop — but it turns out the girl in his latest Instagram photo isn’t Kourtney Kardashian.

As the Justin Bieber-Kourtney Kardashian rumors heat up, it’s no surprise that Bieber would add fuel to the fire with a confusing Instagram post. The photo, featuring a totally faceless girl posed on Bieber’s black Audi, was taken on Sunday, just a few days after Bieber and Kardashian were seen together at Hollywood hot spot The Nice Guy. She was later spotted leaving The Montage, one of Bieber’s usual hotels in Beverly Hills, later that evening at 4 a.m.

But don’t give the new couple a name just yet. x17 Online has photos of the entire car photo shoot — and the girl posing behind Bieber is very clearly not a Kardashian. According to the site, Bieber and the mystery blonde spent the day in Newport Beach, chartered a yacht and partied into the night. Her identity has yet to be confirmed.

As Nylon points out, if you look at the photo closely, Bieber’s hand is MIA – a sure sign that this ‘gram is Photoshopped. Bieber may have wanted us to think this is his potential new boo Kourtney, especially since he captioned the photo “Lord knows” — a not-so-subtle nod to Kardashian’s ex Scott Disick’s vaguely royal background and preferred nickname “Lord.” To make things even more interesting, the two are canoodling on a matte black Audi A7 that looks just like this one recently purchased by Joe Jonas. If it weren’t for the telltale angel wings tattoo, we would swear this was Joe Jonas playing a joke on us.

Justin, next time you want to trick billions of Beliebers, use a better Instagram editing app — we know you can afford it. Or better yet, ask Kourtney for some tips on how to ‘gram like a Kardashian.

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