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8 Things to know about General Hospital‘s Donnell Turner

There’s a new hunk on the block over at General Hospital. On Nov. 30, Donnell Turner joined the cast in a contract role that is sure to bring lots of drama to the long-running soap.

Turner plays Curtis, a man with a shady past who is mixing it up with the duplicitous Hayden Barnes, played by Rebecca Budig.

Now that Turner has arrived in Port Charles, here are a few things you should know about him.

1. He’s familiar to soap audiences already

He’s no stranger to the soap world, having done a three-episode stint as Dr. Aiden Williams on Days of Our Lives in 2009 and 2010. He also jumped right back into the doctor role on two episodes of The Young and the Restless earlier this year.

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2. He’s familiar to primetime audiences, too

Turner has had roles on shows like Revenge, The Mindy Project, Dexter and Teen Wolf. He gets typecast quite often and plays police officers, paramedics and even the “Handsome Man” on Baby Daddy.

3. He’s philosophical

Turner posts inspiring quotes on his Instagram account. From deep thoughts like, “Too bad you can’t take selfies of your character,” to, “I saw that. -Karma,” he’s hoping to get a few of his followers enlightened about the philosophies of life.

3. He’s fit

From those muscular arms to the washboard abs, fitness is an integral part of his life. You can see photos of Turner practicing archery and hiking in the Hollywood Hills on his social media account. He even tried Muaythai, a combat sport in Thailand that uses eight points of contact on the body to mimic weapons of war. He was also a student athlete during his school years, when he played basketball.

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 4. He gives back

He has done some mentoring and public speaking to high school students. It seems that Turner got as much out of it as the teens did. He captioned his social media photo, “Holding the attention of 1300 HS young people while discussing #dreamsintoaction…Priceless! FOR ME, THIS IS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT!!!”

5. He moved around a lot as a kid

Turner was born in Tacoma, Washington, but his family moved to Chicago, Illinois, when he was still a baby. He spent his childhood in northern California, where the countryside took some getting used to after living in the city.

His IMDb bio page quotes him talking about how that urban-to-countryside transition helped him with his acting career. “I moved from the concrete to the sticks. There have been many real-world bumps in the road along the way, but I choose to use everything that I’ve been through as a point of reference as an actor.”

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7. He wears socks with sandals

Turner has a good reason for covering up his toes, though. He told his fans on Facebook, ”Brotha just ain’t tryin to have my man toes all up on FB an stuff!”

 8. Lucky for us, he likes to take selfies

His handsome face and abs are on Instagram quite a bit. Don’t miss out on any of the fun and quirky selfies he takes behind the scenes in his General Hospital dressing room.

general hospital slideshow
Image: ABC/Rick Rowell

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