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Is Blood and Oil the most disappointing show of 2015?

Blood & Oil‘s last episode of Season 1 aired tonight, and it might be the series’ last ever.

If the ratings are any indication, a Season 2 is highly unlikely.

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I’m actually feeling surprisingly bummed about it. Not because I can’t wait to see more of this show but because I am remembering the beginning of Season 1 when I thought the show had so much potential.

I was convinced I was going to love it. Convinced it was going to be great. Convinced I was going to be hanging onto my seat each week with all the juicy drama.

I wanted it to be that show.

It wasn’t.

The big thing was that the relationships on the show couldn’t support the drama that had been set up. B&O was so quick to dissolve any and all alliances made by love that we didn’t grow attached to any one couple. Cody and Billy were supposed to be our heroes. The show clearly wanted us to root for them. But before we could fall in love with them, Cody was threatening to leave and Billy was lying to her just to get rich quick. Our grand, romantic ideas of their storyline gave way to petty immaturities that made us wonder how the two ever ended up tying the knot to begin with.

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Let’s not even get into Wick, Hap and Jules again, because that was so many shades of messed up that it could consume the night. And then the show wrapped it all up with a big, false, happily-ever-after bow that made me want to yell at Wick to run far, far away.

It also felt like the show was more focused on fitting in bigger and bolder drama any way it could, rather than actually delivering on storylines we could sink our teeth into. The attack on Cody, Jules’ pregnancy, Hap’s dealings with Billy… It all just felt too forced to leave my jaw dropping.

Ultimately, the reason I’m so passionate about critiquing this show is because I saw the brilliant vision behind the madness. It could have been amazing. It should have been great. But at least now we can take a breather and move on.

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ABC, we’ll happily let you try to fulfill our dramatic, soapy needs in 2016. And we’re keeping our fingers crossed that this time the drama shines. In the meantime, we’ll bank on Shonda Rhimes to keep the edge-of-your-seat storylines a-coming. And keep our fingers crossed that we’ll see Don Johnson and Chace Crawford again on TV soon.

Where do you think Blood & Oil went wrong?

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