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Did Marriage Boot Camp blame Mama June for Sugar Bear’s infidelity

The Marriage Boot Camp cast meets with Judge Lynn Toler, who puts everyone in their place, including an unsuspecting Mama June.

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Marriage Boot Camp
Image: WE TV

A few exercises happen on every season of Marriage Boot Camp. Among them are the Horrible Accident/Talk to Your Loved One While They Lay in a Casket scenario, the Lie Detector and Divorce Court. On Friday’s episode, the couples endured the casket, but were surprised by a visit by guest Judge Lynn Toler from Divorce Court (the TV show). The casket situation was, as you would imagine, emotional, but meeting with Judge Lynn Toler, was where the tables really turned, especially for Mama June, who walked into the session thinking that there was no way the judge wouldn’t side with her, and could not have been more wrong.

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In last week’s season premiere, Mama June announced that the problems — including the sexy problems — between her and Sugar Bear were rooted in his supposed infidelity (although her own indiscretions have yet to be addressed). While Judge Toler listened to what Mama June had to say in regard to her concerns about Sugar Bear cheating, she doled out some hard truths about the impact of Mama June’s celebrity status on her marriage. (This wasn’t even the actual divorce court segment we usually see on Marriage Boot Camp, in which couples learn what would actually happen if they got divorced in terms of finances and children.) She needs to stop trying to be a starlet in her relationship and focus more on her husband. It definitely didn’t seem like Mama June was listening intently — or at all, really, although it’s possible that she was just shocked that she didn’t get the sympathy she was expecting. But fans on Twitter nevertheless maintained their faith in the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star and her relationship.

It’s still not clear if Sugar Bear actually cheated, and we still haven’t opened up the box of treasures that is Mama June’s past, but since the cast of Marriage Boot Camp will be spending time with not only Elizabeth and Jim but also Judge Toler, it’s basically impossible that more information won’t come out and the couple will definitely be forced to deal with some more uncomfortable truths about themselves and their relationship on national television (which is the point of this show, after all). Mama June and Sugar Bear remain the least chaotic of the couples in the house — Benzino and Althea won’t stop fighting, and Ink and Sarah are a walking disaster — but fans of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo are fiercely loyal to this couple and really want their relationship to work, even if it turns out that both parties have cheated on each other.

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Do you think Mama June needs to change her attitude if she wants to stay married? Do you think Sugar Bear has been unfaithful? Tell us in the comments!

Mama June and Sugar Bear
Image: WE TV

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