David Foster makes devastating accusation about Yolanda Foster’s health

David is trying to cast doubt on the seriousness of his ex-wife Yolanda’s health issues.

David is reportedly joining the ranks of certain The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members who doubt Yolanda is actually suffering from Lyme disease. An insider said he actually thinks she has been playing it up for years because she loves the attention, and that she was probably cured long ago.

“David is telling friends he believes she was cured of it long ago, but she’s been playing up ongoing symptoms because she enjoys the attention,” the insider told Radar Online.

Yolanda was diagnosed with Lyme disease shortly after the couple’s 2011 wedding, so he doesn’t think she was faking the entire illness. But he does believe she played it up for attention long past the time she was actually OK.

“There was no doubt Yolanda was struggling and David was there to support her,” the source said. “In the beginning, David went with her to all of her doctor’s appointments, including the overseas trips for other treatment.

“Yolanda just seemed to really enjoy all of the attention she was getting. Her oldest daughter, Gigi, was becoming a very successful model, and it seemed hard for Yolanda, a former model herself, to watch her child get so much attention.

“Getting older seems to have been very hard for Yolanda,” the source said. “Now, it looks like she isn’t ready to give up the role of sick patient.”

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“In fact, Yolanda’s doctors in LA recently insisted she cut back on the trips abroad for medical care, believing it was making her symptoms worse, but she refused. And anyone that saw RHOBH this week knows that Yolanda’s medical closet is stocked from top to bottom with prescriptions, injections and supplements. People close to her think that all of that stuff is just making her feel worse, but she won’t give them up,” the source continued.

“Yolanda recently admitted that she has been getting weekly colonics while battling the disease. David begged her to stop doing that because her doctors believed that was also hurting her, but she refused that too.”

This is not the first time such an accusation has been leveled at Yolanda. Earlier this year, she was said to be livid with her RHOBH castmates Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna and Taylor Armstrong for doubting the seriousness of her illness.

Of course, this all might just be sour grapes on David’s part. The couple just announced their divorce, and some rumors have painted him as the bad guy, saying he cheated on Yolanda while traveling for work while she suffered sick and alone.


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