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Dance Moms‘ Abby Lee Miller asks for extension to delay fraud trial and punishment

Miller has a hot mess on her hands. She just filed for more time to combat her charges of bankruptcy fraud. What does this mean for the latest season of Dance Moms?

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Oh, Abby, Abby, Abby. It’s a hard life, apparently, and getting harder. If Miller weren’t already a controversial enough character, after pleading not guilty to bankruptcy fraud, she has asked for more time to prepare for her trial. Miller was indicted in October for hiding nearly $100,000 of income she’d earned from the show in various secret bank accounts. Although she’s pleading not guilty, it’s hard to say how Miller is going to get out of this one, given the level of stealth she displayed in emails to her accountant, which are totally game for subpoena. The emails apparently included lines like “DON’T PUT THE CASH IN THE BANK.”

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It’s certainly not the first time Miller has been faced with legal trouble. In February 2014, she was sued by the parents of one of her students, Paige Hyland, for bullying and emotional distress. While Miller escaped that one, the stakes are much higher this time — she could face up to five years in prison if she’s convicted. Could there be such a thing as the Abby Lee Dance Company without her? If she has to buy her way out of this mess, maybe she could see about borrowing money from Maddie Ziegler?

With the new season of Dance Moms set to premiere on Jan. 6, will we be seeing any of Miller’s legal drama on screen? It’s not so clear, although she has given fans a heads up that she might not necessarily be appearing in every scene, due to ongoing quarrels with producers. She is, after all, obsessed with teaching her students about integrity and values, in addition to making them stars, and would certainly never act out of line. And let’s be honest — whether or not we actually hear about the lawsuit in Season 6 of Dance Moms, Miller will undoubtedly bring her own special brand of stressed-out charm to the show.

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Do you think Miller can escape her legal troubles? Will you be watching the new season of Dance Moms?

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