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Top Chef fans love Kwame Onwuachi for not being a reality show jerk

In the world of reality television, nice guys typically finish last. However, this may not be the case on the new season of Top Chef, as Kwame Onwuachi is definitely a nice guy — and he’s currently one of the show’s best performers.

Top Chef is a cutthroat show that brings out the worst in many talented individuals. But despite the constant pressure, some competitors manage to rise above the rest and deliver a stellar product — all while being nice to the other contestants!

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Onwuachi is already a fan favorite on Top Chef, and not just because he knows how to put together an amazing crab dish. He has a rare combination of ambition and kindness that has made fans of Top Chef sit up and take notice. At just 25 years old, he’s already the chef and owner of The Shaw Bijou, an up-and-coming Washington D.C. restaurant that promises to be one of the region’s hottest dining establishments.

Kwame on Top Chef
Image: Bravo

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Despite being a super talented and ambitious chef, Onwuachi is also a genuinely good person, as he’s made clear during his brief time on Top Chef. He wants to win as badly as anybody else, but he’s not eager to throw any of his fellow contestants under the bus. In fact, far from being mean to the other chefs, he went out of his way to help another during a time of difficulty. During tonight’s episode, Onwuachi consoled Wesley True. Never happy to see somebody else in distress, he offered True a much-needed hug. He certainly didn’t need to do this, but he’s a good guy who only wants the best for his fellow chefs.

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Onwuachi has proven that being nice doesn’t have to result in falling behind. Far from struggling as a result of his compassion, he actually came away with the most favorable reviews from the judges.

Image: Bravo

Fans are loving Onwuachi thus far — and they are excited to see more of him in future episodes. After the nice guy of Top Chef showed his true colors, he received a ton of praise from viewers, who were clearly impressed. These new Onwuachi fans were pleased to see such good character in a Top Chef contestant.

Onwuachi offers everything fans want to see in a Top Chef winner. He’s a culinary genius, and more importantly, a good person who recognizes that putting others down is not a worthy path to success on Top Chef. His compassion has earned him numerous fans, all of whom want nothing more than to see him crowned as the Season 13 champion.

top chef contestants slideshow
Image: Bravo

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