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YouTube star Lindsey Stirling reveals her secret battle

YouTube star Lindsey Stirling has a new memoir that discusses her battle with anorexia and depression.

Violinist Lindsey Stirling is the highest-paid woman on YouTube with more than 1.2 billion views. But she isn’t immune to problems. In her new memoir, The Only Pirate At The Party, she shares her battles with anorexia and depression in the hopes that others who are suffering will know they’re not alone.

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In an interview with Glamour, Stirling says, “I want people to have hope. I was 23 the first time I went to a support group. As I listened to the other girls talk, suddenly I didn’t feel like a freak. You’re told that it’s an incurable disease, but I want people to see that I was deep in it — and that now I am out of it.”

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Stirling isn’t just over her eating disorder, she’s taking it a step further to share an empowering message about appearance for all women.

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“I don’t like the fact that people are put into boxes based on what we look like and what we have to wear. Categories are meant for cookies, you know? Not for humans,” she says. “And so the fact that I’ve been able to be successful and do it in a way that’s very outside the box, I hope that that makes women feel like they can be beautiful in an authentic way. Self-esteem takes work; it’s not luck.”

Good for you, Lindsey! Keep up the good YouTube work.

If you’re suffering from anorexia or depression, please talk to your doctor or a qualified professional.

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