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PRJ: Victoria dishes on which judge made her want to pinch herself

Victoria was eliminated from Project Runway Junior but is not going to let that stop her from following her dreams. She spills all the best parts of the show and what she thought of her fellow designers.

SheKnows: How did you find out about the show?

Victoria: I was asked by a casting producer in Los Angeles if I would be interest in auditioning for Project Runway Junior. I don’t remember exactly how we got into contact with one another, but of course I said yes! It was so surreal to me even at the time.

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SK: What was your best experience on the show?

Victoria: The best experience on the show for me was the first challenge. Although I was in the bottom, I still think that my look was very fashion-forward and very Proenza Schouler/Alexander Wang, but clearly unique to my design aesthetic as well. The judges actually liked it up close too; I just think it was very unexpected and powerful and they weren’t quite sure how to react. Looking back, I laugh too, because Car Wash skirts are the new “in”. I loved my first look, and being inspired by New York City was both overwhelming and exciting.

SK: What was it like to meet Tim, Hannah, Kelly, Christian and Aya?

Victoria: Meeting all of the judges was insane. I remember for the first challenge when we finally all sat in our chairs for the runway, we were just staring across the room at them. We had so much anxiety and everything felt so surreal. That said, they got down to business quick. Working with Tim Gunn is surreal. I definitely had a “pinch me” moment when I first saw Tim. I feel honored to have worked with him, and he is one of the most genuine and intelligent people that I have ever met. I highly recommend his book also; very insightful. Having Christian as a judge is great. He’s already made it as a CFDA member, and was the youngest designer to have ever won Project Runway. Aya has an intense critical eye which is good to have for the judges and Kelly gives the best feedback and advice.

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SK: What was your favorite part about being on the show?

Victoria: My favorite part of being a designer on Project Runway Junior was getting to meet and work side by side with the most talented, driven and creative young visionaries. The other 11 designers and I all remain great friends to this day and I am eternally grateful to have met them. Some of us plan on attending college together in New York City as well which I cannot wait for. We are all so unique, but all similar in the way that we think and the way that we work hard and persevere. I love being surrounded by other passionate, driven and creative people. I found my niche.

SK: What was the biggest lesson you learned on the show?

Victoria: I learned to always be fearless while designing. Yes, I always stuck to my design aesthetic, but there is a whole other side to me that I didn’t show on Project Runway Junior. I definitely took some risks, especially on the first challenge, but I wish I had taken more. I can do color, I can do prints, I can do architectural, I can do jackets and I can do them all very well. I wish I showed more versatility and wasn’t so afraid to just be ruthless.

SK: Which contestant do you think will win (or you want to win!) and why?

Victoria: Samantha, without a question. She has a very clear vision and she knows exactly who her girl is. I have similar qualities to Samantha in my design aesthetic in that it’s more street-wear and statement pieces rather than gowns and beach-wear. Samantha is a sweetheart, too. We’re great friends.

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SK: Who is your favorite of the five judges and why?

Victoria: Both Tim and Kelly. Tim has such an impeccable eye for editing, detail and composition. Without Tim, we’d all have gone home.

Kelly gives incredible feedback. She never really said something was awful without explaining why or how to make it better.

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