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All Brielle Zolciak wants for Christmas is a new boyfriend (VIDEO)

Brielle Zolciak broke up her boyfriend around Halloween, and for Christmas she’d like Santa to bring her a new one.

Brielle, daughter of Don’t Be Tardy star and waist-training enthusiast Kim Zolciak, dumped her boyfriend Slade Osborn after filming for the current season of the show wrapped.

We broke up two weeks ago. Even though you will see us as a couple for the rest of the season on Don’t Be Tardy, we are no longer together,” Brielle shared with E! News in October. “He’s not the man I thought he was and, as a result, my entire family and myself are disappointed.”

“However, I’m young and have my whole future ahead of me and look forward to everything I can accomplish on my own.”

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Brielle has never revealed exactly what Osborn’s terrible transgressions were, but one thing seems clear from a new video posted on Twitter: She is ready to move on, with a little help from Santa.

In the clip, Brielle and Kim are seen excitedly talking about going to visit Santa, and Brielle reveals what she plans to ask the jolly old elf for.

It’s great to hear Brielle has moved on after the yearlong romance soured, especially since she seemed pretty heated about it right after the breakup.

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Osborn confirmed the breakup on Instagram, and revealed that fans of the show were pretty harsh in exacting their own form of justice for what they perceived as Osborn’s betrayal of Brielle.

“Yes we broke up. Yes she broke up with me. Yes I was raised right by an amazing family who loves and supports me through anything and taught me exactly how to treat a girl,” he wrote. “My parents have been married 27 years now. My grandparents 60 years. Peoples expectations and opinions vary. You can’t please everyone. With that being said I would like for people to stop with the ketchup all over my truck. The hacking and deleting of my social media accounts (still don’t have my Twitter back) and the rude comments on my Instagram pictures. In no way is this aimed at the Biermanns but the people ignorant of the situation.”

So what kind of man do you think Santa should leave under the tree for Brielle?

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