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Christian Slater’s dad is struggling to survive and begging to reconcile with his son

Doesn’t family come first?

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If this new interview is accurate, that doesn’t seem to be the case for Christian Slater.

Radar Online stumbled across Slater’s father, former soap opera star Michael Hawkins, waiting in line at a Hollywood food bank. According to the site, 80-year-old Hawkins is scrounging for food and barely surviving, and he’s desperate to reconcile with his famous actor son.

Radar spoke with Hawkins, who said he’s been disowned by Slater after a longtime rocky relationship, and that now, he’d do anything to reconcile.

“At this point, Christian’s dad is virtually destitute and relying upon the kindness of others,” a source revealed to the site after Hawkins, who starred in Ryan’s Hope in the 1970s, was discovered waiting in the food bank line at the First Baptist Church of Los Angeles.

According to the site, Hawkins himself said, “My son, Christian, has disowned me! He wants nothing to do with me!”

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Hawkins also told Radar that he’s no longer able to work in Hollywood after his ex-wife and Slater’s mother, Mary Jo Slater, blacklisted him.

“She poisoned the entire show business community against me,” he said. “And now she’s poisoned my son against me as well.”

Slater has opened up in the past about his relationship with his father, who he says suffers from manic-depressive schizophrenia. “He’s always had trouble,” Slater said in an interview promoting Nymphomaniac. Slater has also admitted he didn’t speak to his father for about nine years because he was “in the middle of the relationship” between his divorced parents and wanted to stay out of that situation.

Hawkins said the last time he saw Slater was in 2004, when the star was still financially supporting his father.

“He has teenage children — my grandchildren — who I have never met,” Hawkins reportedly said. “It’s very sad.”

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Do you think Christian Slater and his estranged father should reunite?

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