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Tamar & Vince: Fans worry about Tamar’s health as she takes on DWTS

On the season premiere of Tamar & Vince, Tamar finds out she’s going to be competing on Dancing with the Stars, and as much as fans are thrilled for her, they’re also worried, and for good reason.

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If you’re a human with internet access, you probably knew that Tamar Braxton competed on this past season of Dancing with the Stars, and on Thursday’s season premiere of Tamar & Vince, we saw Vince give Tamar the news that she had made it onto the show. While fans on Twitter were thrilled for her, they also expressed worry about Tamar taking on another thing, on top of her son, husband, talk show and singing career (not to mention her reality show) and the impact all that could have on her health.

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Unfortunately, we know Tamar ended up having to leave Dancing with the Stars due to some pretty serious health problems, and in this season of Tamar & Vince, we’ll get to watch all of that play out. Although fans on Twitter knew about everything that went down, they were definitely troubled by the details of her illness and by hearing how her family was impacted by it.

It’s hard to imagine turning down an opportunity like DWTS, and from what we saw of Tamar on the show, it’s not as though she wasn’t capable of doing it — she delivered a fierce performance from day one and many viewers theorized that she would have made it to the finale if she hadn’t gotten sick. On Thursday’s premiere, Vince said that it would be great for Tamar to compete on the show because not everyone knows who she is (as in, she doesn’t have the same level of fame as Beyoncé), and this would give her a leg up on publicity, particularly online and in magazines.The thing about DWTS is that it’s not the kind of show you can just appear for, it requires months of work and training, and on top of everything else in Tamar’s life, it’s no wonder she got sick — especially if something nefarious was already brewing for her physically.

The good news about this season is that it doesn’t seem like it’s going to focus exclusively on Tamar’s exit from DWTS; we’ll still get to see the funny, warm, unique characters that are Tamar and Vince, as well as the rest of their family, including Logan, who had his own star moments in the season premiere. While there will certainly be some parts of Season 4 that will be hard to watch, it definitely looks like it will be worth the ride for fans.

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Will you be watching Season 4? Are you already feeling emotional about Tamar’s illness? What else are you looking forward to seeing?

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