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Supernatural: 6 Thought-provoking questions Amara brings up about God

Ever since Amara, aka the Darkness, came onto the Supernatural scene, she’s been viewed as the big villain of Season 11. However, based on the midseason finale, Amara brought up some interesting points about her true intentions, her brother God and if she really should be considered evil.

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Granted, Wednesday’s episode, “O Brother Where Art Thou,” opened with Amara killing people by striking them with lightening, which isn’t what someone who is purely good does. But, maybe she’s not as bad as she appears — or how God’s perceived her over the years. After being locked up for so many years by God, Amara is now roaming Earth, causing havoc and even bringing up quite thought-provoking questions about her brother.

God is someone many worship and has been a mysterious figure on Supernatural since day one, but thanks to Amara he’s now being presented in a whole new light. That said, here are a few questions fans should be asking about God, just like Amara is.

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1. Is he really a villain?

Amara continues to speak ill of her brother. I mean, if I was locked away for a really long time by my sibling, I probably wouldn’t be his biggest fan either. However, the way Amara talks about God makes it sound like he might not be the good guy everyone thinks he is. With that said, there are two sides to every story, so whether Amara or God are either purely good or evil remains unknown. Until the truth is revealed, maybe fans should keep an open mind about both.

2. Is he a manipulator?

Amara went as far as to call God a “manipulator.” She doesn’t understand his creation and why people are OK with the fact that they can only speak to him through prayer, but never get to see him until they die. Faith isn’t something Amara possesses. She’s a firm believer that God only wants his followers to believe in whatever he wants them to believe in.

3. Is God intimidated by his sister?

Why did God lock Amara away? Yes, she is the dark and he is the light, but is there more to it? God feared that his sister would make a more perfect creation than he. Then, God exiled her, virtually erased her and even passed down stories that she is a threat. Amara says it’s always been God’s way or the highway. Even Lucifer admitted to Sam that Amara is equal to God in power. Was he intimidated by her and didn’t want her to become the all-powerful being he is? It sure seems like he’s threatened by Amara.

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4. Is God’s creation and world really that great?

Amara doesn’t understand anything about God’s creation and the world. Actually, she thinks her plan for humanity is much better. Amara wants pure bliss without rules, pain and prayer. Can you imagine a world like that? It doesn’t sound horrible, but it might come with consequences, like how it’s achieved. Is that why Amara steal souls, so people can feel bliss?

5. Why lock up Amara, if there’s still darkness in the world?

So, if God thought Amara would bring darkness upon the world, why is there still so much darkness and pain? If his plan was to save the world from the dark, it kind of backfired.

6. Why isn’t he showing his face?

Seriously, where is God? When is he going to show up? He can’t stay hidden forever.

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Supernatural returns Wednesday, Jan. 20 at 9/8c on The CW.

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