Gigi Hadid poses completely nude with her model friends (PHOTO)

Hadid, Smalls and Aldridge got naked together for their newest photo shoot with Stuart Weitzman.

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The sexy models all posed for the famed photographer in nothing but some matching heels. Even their hair and makeup looked flawlessly natural.

And while you may think that photo shoot may have made for some awkward conversation, it turns out the girls are all really close friends, so stripping down wasn’t so hard.

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We are all friends, me, Gigi and Joan. I just love our friendship; our camaraderie,” Aldridge said of the shoot, according to E! News. “We joke around and goof around. We can be girls and have fun and do our dream job together. It’s so nice to have girls that… support each other, lift each other up, make each other better and bring each other up… I love that.”

Of course, the girls weren’t in their birthday suits for the entire shoot. They also clothed up in some gorgeous ensembles to show off a different round of shoes.

Weitzman named all of the girls as the new faces for the brand’s 2016 fashion campaign.

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Gisele Bündchen was the previous face for the company. Or should we say the previous bare butt, since she showed off her lean figure in a revealing outfit paired with some leggy boots over the summer.

It’s honestly hard to focus on the shoes with so many gorgeous ladies showing off their figures.

What do you think of Hadid, Aldridge and Smalls’ naked campaign together?


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