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Amy Duggar cryptically tweets about baby names: Is she pregnant?

Is Amy Duggar King just trying to stir up some press or is she really pregnant?

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Duggar posted on Twitter on Tuesday that she was brainstorming some baby names, which stirred fans into a frenzy of speculation that the newlywed is already expecting her first child.

Though Duggar did not specifically confirm that she is, in fact, pregnant, that didn’t stop a lot of her followers from chiming in with some congratulatory messages.

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A few even slipped in some clever Duggar name jokes.

Since then Duggar and her husband, Dillon King, have played it coy, not addressing the tweet-fueled rumors at all, though both have continued to remain active on social media. Duggar has even started her own blog. And she shared some news that King bought her an early Christmas gift: A kitty!
Which means the names could be for Duggar’s new furry friend and not for a baby at all. But she did say “baby names,” so the speculation lives on.

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The couple just tied the knot back in September. That means if Duggar is pregnant, it could be that she isn’t even through the first trimester yet, which is why she hasn’t confirmed or denied the true meaning behind her tweet as of now.

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And this ball of fur makes 3 #dillandduggs

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Of course, Amy Duggar doesn’t say the baby names are for her, specifically. Could it be that another member of the Duggar clan is pregnant? Is she just referring to her new kitten? Or do you think Amy is expecting baby No. 1?

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