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9 Crazy rumors about Yolanda Foster & David Foster’s divorce

The world was both shocked and not shocked at all when it was announced that David and Yolanda Foster of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were getting divorced. It was shocking because A) Yolanda’s very sick with Lyme disease right now and B) the two actually seemed happy the past few seasons. Buuuut, it wasn’t shocking because this is David’s fourth marriage, and, you know, Yolanda’s been living in a condo by herself lately.

Naturally, shortly after the news broke that David and Yolanda were getting divorced, the rumor mill started churning at full force. Only they know what’s real and what isn’t, but there has been a whole host of gossip following the couple’s split.

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Here are nine (not-so-nice) rumors about David and Yolanda’s divorce. Ouch!

1. Yolanda thinks she’s going to get better now

yolanda foster
Image: Bustle

TMZ is reporting that a source close to Yolanda says that she thinks she’s going to start feeling better in a matter of time. Apparently, stress exacerbates Lyme disease and Yolanda’s convinced she started feeling worse once things with David got rocky. She’s also apparently convinced that now that things are “official,” she’s going to start feeling better. In fact, sources say she’s already on the mend now.

2. Yolanda’s obsession with fame drove them apart

yolanda foster
Image: Wiffle GIF

According to People, it was Yolanda’s desire to be famous and part of the Real Housewives franchise that was responsible for their divorce. A source “close to the family” goes on to say that David really didn’t want to appear on RHOBH, but he did it to appease his wife. The insider revealed, “Yolanda’s obsession with fame for her and her children is the cause of the split. David didn’t want to be part of the show, but he knew how important it was to her. He wanted to make her happy.” But then conversely, another source in that same article says that David actually liked being on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as it gave him a whole new fan base.

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3. David wanted to work on the marriage

yolanda foster
Image: Stoopid Housewives

For some reason, this one is a little hard to believe. A source claims that David was the one willing to work on their marriage. “David would have probably worked on the marriage,” the insider said. “He’s 66 and he doesn’t want to be alone and on his fourth divorce.” Buuuuut, he’s on his fourth divorce, so…

4. Yolanda wanted to work on the marriage

yolanda foster
Image: Tumblr

According to Us Weekly, it was Yolanda who wanted to work on things while David was the one who pushed for divorce. Oh. OK.

5. It was David’s idea to announce the divorce

yolanda foster
Image: Cutous

I mean, it was inevitable that David and Yolanda were going to have to come out and say that they were divorced, but evidently, David was the one who pushed for it to happen. “It didn’t make sense to stay together,” a source said, adding that their relationship “wasn’t a marriage.”

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6. Yolanda’s illness drove them apart

yolanda foster
Image: Tumblr

Of course, there are conflicting stories out there, but one story is that things really started to fall apart between David and Yolanda when Yolanda got ill. As the story goes, Yolanda didn’t think David was around or supportive enough in her time of need. An insider said, “She just felt he wasn’t there for her when she needed him most and he felt the same. It’s so sad, but the illness really did come between them.”

7. People were shocked by their divorce

yolanda foster
Image: BuzzFeed

Obviously, no one is going to say, “Oh, I saw this one coming!” But people genuinely seem to be surprised that Yolanda and David split. “I’m still really shocked about it,” RHOBH star Eileen Davidson said. “I have seen her and David together in the last season a few times, and it seemed fine.”

8. David’s career issues were contributing factors, as well

yolanda foster
Image: reddit

Another source is saying that David’s record label, Universal’s Verve Music Group, is shutting down, and he has resentment toward Yolanda because he thinks RHOBH has hurt his career. “He thinks the show hurt him,” a source said. “He has a gigantic ego.”

9. David is jealous

yolanda foster
Image: Stoopid Housewives

While RHOBH catapulted Yolanda’s career, as well as her daughters’ — Bella and Gigi Hadid — it hasn’t done the same for David and evidently he’s bitter (despite being famous in his own right and balls-to-the-wall rich). “David likes to stay relevant. He’s had success and was a big deal… so I think [the show made him] feel like he doesn’t hold the same place in pop culture,” revealed an insider. “Maybe it’s a reality check because her daughters are pop culture.”

Are you surprised David and Yolanda Foster broke up?

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