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Lady Gaga steals the AHS: Hotel show by showing off more than her boobs

The naked and kinky Countess is back!

But what really caught my attention during tonight’s episode of American Horror Story was Lady Gaga’s amazing performance. In fact, it was so good I would say it’s her best episode yet. (And that’s saying something given how much I loved her in the premiere episode.)

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So forget the fact that she bared about as much as possible on television without resorting to a black bar on the screen and let’s focus on the fact that her ridiculous acting chops need no censor.

For one, this was absolutely her most emotionally diverse episode. The Countess even said in her narration that she always has to be in control of herself. And that’s a lot of what we’ve seen in Lady Gaga’s acting: Control. But tonight we saw her character annoyed with March, we saw her maybe truly in love with Valentino and we saw her claws come out in full force when she sics Ramona on Will Drake.

Not only did Lady Gaga really show off her acting chops in this episode, but she was also the focal point of the show for the first time since we’ve seen her character really develop throughout the season.

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At first, admittedly, I was a little disappointed that we’d gotten to know The Countess like we had. I thought part of what made her so alluring, in the beginning, was the fact that we didn’t have all of this backstory to humanize her. She could truly be the leader of the hemophiliacs without any other descriptors clouding our judgments of her. That mystery created a desire to explore the season more.

But then we got to know her. And what we learned was not good.

Yet, this episode managed to tie it all back together. Because now it’s her complexities that drive the season. What is her true motivation? She wants to provide for her fetus child and find true love. While those are some messed up goals within the context of the show, the base desires are very, very human. And so much fun to watch unfold.

Again, I am in awe of the genius that is Ryan Murphy with his ability to bring the show back to where it started with The Countess. Only, we are looking at The Countess through an entirely different lens than we saw in the premiere.

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Luckily, Gaga’s talents won’t be limited to just one character either. As it was just announced this week, she’ll continue to broaden our American Horror Story horizons into Season 6. No telling what character Murphy will conjure up for her next or how the two can ever come up with anything close to the amazingness that is The Countess, but I’m going to go ahead and trust that the two are up for the challenge.

What do you think the rest of the season has in store for The Countess? Are you as sold on her character?

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