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Survivor: Viewers cheer pre-finale blindside

The penultimate episode of Survivor: Second Chance delivered another drama-soaked hour as the final seven castaways competed for a spot in the finale. On top of all that, there was yet another medical emergency during the immunity challenge.

But first…

“Ding dong the witch is dead!” Those are the exact words multiple Survivor viewers were gushing on social media after Abi-Maria Gomes, this season’s most-hated villain, was voted out of the game.

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Abi Maria Gomes cast photo for Survivor: Second Chance
Image: CBS

Sure, it’s fun to cheer when your least favorite contestant is eliminated from the show, but was it really the best decision? I don’t think so. Gomes is golden when it comes to the final Tribal Council because she’s super easy to beat. There is no way she could ever convince the majority of the jury to give her the $1 million. What did she do?!?! Other than create unnecessary villainous drama, she was weak in challenges and posed no true threat. I think this one was a big mistake, especially in a season where targeting threats has been a dominating strategy. That’s the reason nobody wanted to keep fan-favorite Joe around anymore, right?

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Wait, what’s your name?

Before Gomes was blindsided, there were some other noteworthy moments from the episode. The first came up after Keith won the amazing reward of visiting Cambodian temples. He was given the option of taking two tribemates along for the journey, so he selected Spencer and Kelley. When Jeff Probst asked about the reasoning behind his choices, Keith had a total brain fart and forgot Tasha’s name when he was explaining why he didn’t pick her. He did eventually remember who she was, but it was an embarrassingly painful few seconds. Hilariously, she is the person Keith voted for at Tribal Council just hours earlier the night before. He even voted for her again at this latest Tribal Council in which Gomes was sent packing. This was a comical topic for Twitter — including a perfect response from previous two-time castaway Francesca Hogi.

Immunity challenge brings medical emergency

Spencer won immunity in a very tiresome challenge, but his victory was overshadowed by Tasha’s swimming struggle. After the challenge was over, Tasha was still stuck in the water screaming for help as the waves crashed into her face. Probst shouted for the rescue swimmers to pull Tasha to safety before the show’s medic stepped in to evaluate her vitals. Although it was a scary moment, Tasha was safe. Didn’t it seem odd to anybody else that the camera crews captured her frightening struggles to stay above water before anything was actually done to step in? Just saying.

Tasha Fox struggles during Immunity challenge on Survivor: Second Chance
Image: CBS

Finale outlook

Only six castaways remain as we head into the finale on Wednesday, Dec. 16: Spencer, Kimmi, Keith, Tasha, Jeremy and Kelley. One of those people will be crowned the sole Survivor and given their $1 million grand prize. Plus, Probst will reveal the plans for Season 32, which filmed months ago in Cambodia.

For me, this marks the 19th consecutive finale in which I will be sitting in the audience and interviewing all six final castaways on the red carpet. Stay tuned for all that exclusive coverage in the days ahead!

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Do you think voting Gomes off was the best decision? Are you happy with who made it to next week’s finale? Who do you think deserves to win? Which player are you hoping does not win? Join the conversation by leaving a comment now.

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