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Supernatural: Will Sam once again become Lucifer’s vessel?

I think it’s safe to say that Supernatural‘s midseason finale is one for the books. That has to be my favorite episode yet of Season 11 and probably because Mark Pellegrino is officially back as Lucifer. I’ve been waiting for this moment for far too long, even if it does mean really bad things for Sam.

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As teased, Sam and Lucifer finally came face to face after so many years apart. After having an actual vision of Lucifer in the cage, Sam convinced Dean that going back into the cage is their best bet in defeating the Darkness. After all, the visions are from God — or are they? More on that in a bit. Eventually, the Winchesters get Crowley and Rowena in on their plan. With their help and Rowena’s abilities to decode the Book of the Damned, they found a way for Sam and Lucifer to meet face-to-face in Hell without Sam actually having to step inside the cage.

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FYI, while Sam and Lucifer were being reunited, Dean was off having a moment with Amara, aka making out with her and learning that the two “will become one”, whatever that means. I know, right? Anyways, back to Sam and his “roomie” Lucifer. Before I go any further, Lucifer’s return and his entrance were beyond perfect. Let’s give Mark Pellegrino the round of applause he truly deserves. With Season 7 being the last time Pellegrino played Lucifer, four seasons later and he still hasn’t lost his touch.

OK. Back to the important stuff. Sam filled in Lucifer on the Darkness being released and the visions he’s been receiving from God. Soon enough, Lucifer came up with a plan to help Sam — become his vessel once again and be his ride out of Hell. Wait, what? Lucifer wants Sam to be his vessel? Worst idea ever. Thankfully, Sam said no, which didn’t sit well with Lucifer.

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The protection spell crafted by Rowena to hold Lucifer inside the cage disappeared. Next thing Sam knows is he’s inside the cage with Lucifer and learns that God didn’t send Sam the visions, but Lucifer did. When the Darkness was released, it broke the cage and then Lucifer decided to start sending Sam visions to convince him to break him free. There’s no doubt Lucifer has style when it comes to crafting an evil plan. So, now what? Well, it seems Sam is stuck inside the cage with Lucifer, until he agrees to be his vessel.

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Sam becoming Lucifer’s vessel is not an option. Even if Lucifer was there when God sealed up the Darkness and he knows how to defeat her, there has to be another way rather than the vessel route. As fans know, bad things happened last time Sam said “yes” to Lucifer, aka he ended up in the cage.

Here’s hoping Crowley and Rowena inform Dean what’s going on, so he can rescue Sammy. Or, you know, maybe God could finally show his face and fix everything once and for all. I, for one, can’t handle another “Swan Song” moment. Who’s with me?

Supernatural returns Wednesday, Jan. 20 at 9/8c on The CW.

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