Blake Shelton caught getting super handsy with Gwen Stefani

Getting handsy for the holidays!

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Shelton and Stefani are still going strong, especially if their most recent date night is any indication.

E! News scored some sneaky photos of the pair on a romantic date night, and by the looks of things, they just couldn’t keep their hands off each other. According to the site, they frequently kissed, and Shelton even did a little booty grabbing.

The date took place with another couple at Casa Vega Mexican restaurant in Studio City, California, Tuesday night. A source filled the site in on what went down on the romantic double date.

“They were there with another couple and were waiting for valet for about five minutes,” the insider said. “He kissed her twice and was pretty much grabbing her butt as he did.”

The source added, “He was square dancing to amuse the group, and Gwen joined in for a bit, too.”

We can just imagine how cute it would be to spot Shelton and Stefani square dancing together.

According to sources, the couple arrived at the restaurant around 8 p.m., where they sat close and looked “cozy” and in “high spirits” for the hour or so they were there. They were “good customers and wonderful people,” a source at the restaurant told reporters.

“They were sitting at the bar and were very affectionate during dinner,” another witness revealed. “He had his arm around her, [and] they had margaritas. After dinner they left together and went to her house.”

PDA is nothing new for Shelton and Stefani, who have been showing off their new love practically since day one, even sparking rumors that it isn’t genuine because of how much they’re flaunting it.

But sources say otherwise, including one who recently told E!, “Many of Gwen’s friends love how happy she has been over these past few months, and they believe she found love again.”

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Do you think it’s real between Shelton and Stefani?

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