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Modern Family star’s health update gives fans a scare (PHOTO)

Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson recently took to Instagram to thank doctors for removing a cancerous growth from his face.

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Although Ferguson did not elaborate on his condition, he appeared to be in good spirits about it, as he shared a picture of himself with a large white bandage on his face. He captioned the post with, “Thank you to Dr. Bennett & his entire team for taking the cancer out of my face. Good luck hiding the stitches tomorrow @modernfamily_makeuphair! #youwannaapieceofme #phantommask #spf75.”

Ferguson’s fans were shocked by the health update but were also eager to send their well-wishes.

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“Get well soon. i am big fan of you,” [sic] rene_yi wrote. While chrisdellplain was relieved to discover that Ferguson had gotten the melanoma removed. They wrote, “Ugggg, glad it’s taken care of now. Hugs.”

“Yes! The ginger struggles are real!! #spf1million Happy healing @jessetyler,” katiekhorne shared. Instagram user corym62 also commented on Ferguson’s fair complexion, writing, “Redheads and blondes…so scary but been there so its [sic] all gonna be fine.”

Bethywethynet, who is clearly an art lover, had a slightly different thought. She wrote, “Not gonna lie, I thought this was Van Gogh cosplay. But I hope you feel better soon and everything works out alright [sic]!”

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We’re glad Ferguson’s doctors managed to successfully remove the “cancer out of his face,” and we’re wishing him a speedy recovery. But we also hope this post promotes education and awareness of skin cancer, its causes (including exposure to sunlight) and the ways to reduce the risk.

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