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RHOBH fans concerned about Yolanda Foster’s use of colonics

Yolanda Foster’s Lyme disease has been a hot topic on the first two episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ sixth season — to the point that fans of the show are beginning to wonder if she’s destined to be the next Brooks Ayers. Tonight, the skeptics wondered whether Foster’s current approach to treatment could be causing more harm than good.

Yolanda Foster
Image: Bravo

Several parallels have been drawn between the current season of RHOBH and the last season of RHOC, which just ended a few weeks ago. Fans suspect that Foster could be taking Ayers’ place as the suspicious individual using a fake illness to garner sympathy. The other big similarity between the two shows? The ladies absolutely adore colonics. The topic was discussed in-depth by Shannon Beador, and now, the new superfan appears to be Foster, although she doesn’t seem to have as many issues with colonics as poor Beador.

Yolanda's closet
Image: Bravo

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Tonight on RHOBH, Foster revealed that colonics have become an integral part of her health regimen, which also includes a stockpile of medications. Lisa Rinna had the opportunity to witness both the meds and the colonic consumption during a brief visit with Foster. She received a short tour of Foster’s home, including her well-stocked medicine closet. Rinna was shocked by the number of pills Foster had in this closet — as were fans. A few concerned Twitter users wondered if Foster could be making her symptoms worse by relying on so many different types of medication.

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Twitter users are not simply concerned about Foster’s pill consumption; they also believe her dependence on colonics could be a big problem. Many assumed that weekly colonics would be exhausting for a woman as ill as Foster while others simply claimed the topic had already been discussed way too much on RHOC.

Social media users are certainly not alone in their concerns. During tonight’s episode, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump also discussed Foster’s illness. Both agreed she might not be pursuing the best approach to treatment. Richards went so far as to claim that depression or some other type of mental illness could be playing a role in Foster’s current health issues.

At the time, these ladies had absolutely no idea of the difficulties Foster was facing in her marriage, so they didn’t realize that she might actually have had a significant source of stress in her life.

Who knows, there might actually be something to Richards’ theory. While depression isn’t necessarily the main culprit, it potentially could have made Foster’s already problematic symptoms that much worse.

What do you think of Yolanda Foster’s extensive medicine cabinet and frequent use of colonics? Comment and share your opinion below.

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