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The Voice fans upset by over-the-top elimination

Believe it or not, the ninth season of The Voice is quickly drawing to a close. This means that the show needs to rapidly go from nine contestants to one winner. Tonight, a big step was made in that very direction, with five unfortunate singers being sent home in one brutal elimination.

Elimination episodes are never easy, but tonight’s episode of The Voice was especially troublesome. Instead of one unfortunate contestant being sent home, over half of the remaining musicians received bad news. This just seemed like overkill to concerned fans.

The Voice
Image: NBC

Three unfortunate singers were instantly eliminated, with absolutely no chance of being saved by America: Team Adam’s Amy Vachal and Shelby Brown, plus Team Gwen’s Braiden Sunshine. Another three lucky artists were instantly saved: Team Adam’s Jordan Smith (no surprises there), as well as Team Blake’s Emily Ann Roberts and Barrett Baber. As painful as the eliminations must have been, this was still a good night for Team Adam and Team Blake.

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After the first six contestants were either instantly saved or instantly eliminated, it was time to select one more lucky singer for the final four. Madi Davis, Zach Seabaugh, and Jeffery Austin were all given the opportunity to prove to America they they deserve to stick around for another week. Austin’s performance was arguably the best, and for once, the fan vote reflected this. Sadly, this meant that Seabaugh and Davis had to say their goodbyes.

The Voice
Image: NBC

Tonight’s approach to elimination was very controversial. Fans of the show felt that it was unfair to the contestants to have so many go home on the same night. With the usual format, the singer with the most lackluster performance is typically sent home, although fans sometimes get it wrong and instead send the better singer packing. Unfortunately, when five contestants are eliminated at once, it becomes more about popularity, as opposed to performance quality. On a show that is already frequently accused of being a popularity contest, this is definitely not a good thing.

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Several annoyed fans tweeted about how much they disliked tonight’s massacre. A few of these negative tweets are highlighted below:

As upset as fans were about the format for tonight’s episode, they were even more unhappy about which contestants failed to make the cut. Of course, with so many people on the chopping block, somebody was bound to be unhappy after the bad news was announced. A lot of viewers were upset about Davis and Vachal’s inability to make the final four.

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If there’s one thing that can be said in favor of The Voice‘s huge elimination, it’s that the Band-Aid has been ripped off quickly. But many fans would have preferred the slow torture of weekly cuts to the searing pain of a mass elimination.

What did you think of tonight’s elimination episode? Comment and share your opinion below.

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