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Scream Queens: 10 Red Devil Clues we should have seen

Well, that’s officially a wrap on Season 1 of Scream Queens. Here’s hoping it gets a second season, because based on that cliffhanger ending, I need answers. Anyways, the most anticipated question of the season was finally answered: Who are the Red Devils?

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As previously revealed, Boone was one Red Devil. What about the other killer? It was none other than Hester, played by Lea Michele. If anyone can pull off a crazed serial killer, it’s Michele. Some fans might be disappointed with the killer reveal, especially if they wanted Ariana Grande’s character, Chanel #2, to return from the dead and show her face as the Red Devil.

At the beginning of the second hour, it was immediately revealed that Hester was Boone’s sister and the other bathtub baby working with Gigi. Admittedly, I was waiting for some kind of huge twist, which never happened, save for that ending with the Red Devil (was it Hester?) standing over Chanel in the insane asylum.

Anyways, if you’re upset about the big reveal, you shouldn’t be, because it was pretty obvious, which just might be the reason some aren’t happy with Hester being the other Red Devil. Whatever the case, I’ve suspected Hester for some time now. There were several clues suggesting it was her the entire time and here are just a few.

1. She was the most obvious choice

That Hester was the most obvious choice might have made fans suspect someone else, which was the perfect way to throw them off the scent of the true killer.

2. Her obsession with death was a dead giveaway

Hester was beyond obsessed with death, which she pointed out on more than one occasion. If that wasn’t a dead (pun intended) giveaway, I don’t know what was.

3. Hester and Boone resembled one another

Did anyone else resemble Boone? Obviously, someone could’ve altered their appearance, but, come on.

4. She couldn’t find Ms. Bean’s meat carver

Remember during the Thanksgiving episode when Chanel asked why Hester brought out a knife to carve the turkey? Hester told Chanel she couldn’t find Ms. Bean’s meat carver. How did she know Ms. Bean owned a meat carver (aka probably the item used to saw off Gigi’s head)? With that said, seeing as Hester said she only killed Pete, then who killed Gigi?

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5. She was desperate for sisterhood

It seemed that more so than anyone, Hester desperately wanted to be Chanel’s sister. Granted, that could’ve been part of her plan, but it seemed somewhat genuine. Seeing as the bathtub babies had no family, it would make sense for the killer to try to find a family elsewhere, even if that sorority was responsible for their mother’s death.

6. Gigi and Hester pretty much had the same wardrobe

Think back before Hester’s makeover. Yep, she and Gigi pretty much wore the same awful ’90s clothes.

7. She gave a thumbs-up in the main title sequence

If you watch the above promo, Hester alongside the Red Devil give a thumbs-up, which clearly was a clue that they were in cahoots (as Denise Hemphill would say).

8. She survived her fall down the stairs

As it goes with all horror stories, if someone can survive death or a major fall like Hester, then they’re probably the villain. What killer doesn’t come back from the dead?

9. The killings started when she showed up on campus

The Kappa sisters should’ve smelled her a mile away, but they were too busy being Kappas.

10. She loved Denise’s scary ghost stories

If someone can enjoy those creepy ghost stories told by Denise, then there is something seriously twisted about him/her.

Hester Ulrich
Image: Giphy

Even if you weren’t satisfied with the Red Devil unmasking, you have to admit that Michele did a superb job playing Hester.

Now here’s hoping Scream Queens earns a Season 2 renewal.

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