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10 Topics Chelsea Handler will tackle in her new Netflix docuseries

Writer and comedian Chelsea Handler is known for delving into sticky topics. She isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers, and it’s hard to think of a topic on which she doesn’t have a passionate opinion. And based on the new trailer for her forthcoming Netflix docuseries, Chelsea Does, she’s about to get more honest — and funnier —than ever before.

Each of the four episodes will be dedicated to a specific theme: marriage, racism, Silicon Valley and drugs. But the subtopics that will be included within each episode appear to be endless. Here are just ten of the complex and controversial issues teased in the trailer.

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1. Artificial Intelligence

Chelsea Does_Artificial Intelligence
Image: Netflix/YouTube

The conversation that Handler has with an AI robot head is guaranteed to be one of the comedic highlights of the series. “Are you trying to annoy me?” the robot asks, when Handler repeatedly interrupts her. But when the robot convulses inelegantly, Handler retorts to its operator that “She looks like she just climaxed.” Here’s hoping Chelsea Does addresses robot sex head-on.

2. Confederate Re-enactments

Chelsea Does_Confederate Reenactments
Image: Netflix/YouTube

If one were to make a list of the least likely locations to see Chelsea Handler appear, “civil war re-enactment” might be at the very top. This is all the more reason why her interaction with actors in Confederate garb will be a particularly intriguing scene.

3. Infidelity

Chelsea Does_Infidelity
Image: Netflix/YouTube

In one of the more topical segments, Handler will interview Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman and his wife Amanda. In the trailer, Biderman claims that, contrary to his website’s reputation, he personally has never cheated on his wife. Perhaps Handler will investigate that leaked user data to see if he’s telling the truth.

4. Israel

Chelsea Does_Israel
Image: Netflix/YouTube

With shots of the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock, and a van drive through what appears to be the West Bank, the trailer reveals that Handler will take viewers through a tour of Israel’s most significant landmarks and sites of political and social unrest. Will she use her comedic talent as a tool for diplomacy?

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5. Kink

Chelsea Does_Kink
Image: Netflix/YouTube

Capitalizing on the Fifty Shades of Grey hype, Handler takes a trip to a dungeon and witnesses a flogging scene in action. But based on her shocked facial reactions, she’s unlikely to jump at the chance to join the BDSM action herself.

6. Marijuana

Chelsea Does_Marijuana
Image: Netflix/YouTube

In her exploration of drugs, Handler will sit down with the music industry’s leading cannabis expert: Willie Nelson. They’ll smoke together and have a conversation about the best — and worst — weed experiences they’ve ever had.

7. New Age Meditation

Chelsea Does_New Age Meditation
Image: Netflix/YouTube

One of the more surprising clips in the trailer shows Handler lying on the ground while a spiritual guide places stones along her body. This appears to be one of the more fringe religious practices Handler explores in Chelsea Does, but it might be the one that speaks to her the most. As she tells her viewers, “I just felt him touch my vagina a lot. I’m not opposed to that.”

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8. Offensive Humor

Chelsea Does_Offensive Humor
Image: Netflix/YouTube

In 2014, the Anti-Defamation League put Handler on blast for dressing up her sidekick Chuy Bravo as Hitler. This incident, and others like it, seems to have been the impetus for Handler to have a sit-down with leaders in the Jewish, black, and Native American communities to talk about her use of offensive comedy. “I think it is so important to be able to make fun of stereotypes,” she tells the group. Let’s see if they agree.

9. Sobriety

Chelsea Does_Sobriety
Image: Netflix/YouTube

One of the topics Handler is most candid about is her drinking. But even that won’t be off the table for her to investigate in further depth on Chelsea Does. In one segment, she sits down with a man who asks her what she thinks about sobriety. In the trailer, the man’s profession is unclear — is he a doctor? A counselor? A concerned citizen? Nevertheless, he engages Handler in a serious conversation about her substance use that is sure to be enlightening.

10. Wedding Industrial Complex

Chelsea Does_WIC
Image: Netflix/YouTube

Handler is open about her dating life in her comedy, but she has never been married. Though she may reject the institution of marriage, she’s not opposed to trying on frilly bridal gowns — and taking the Chelsea Does team along with her, of course. Whether she likes wearing them is another story; “Wow, that’s so stupid” she says when she catches sight of her reflection in the mirror.

Want to hear Handler’s thoughts on these topics and more? Check out Chelsea Does when it premieres on Netflix on Jan. 23, and watch the trailer below!

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