Kate Plus 8: 6 Reasons fans want Kate Gosselin to find a new man

This season of Kate Plus 8 promises to make a lot of memories and drama, but fans are clamoring to see more than the kids — they want Gosselin to find a new man. Here’s why that’s a good idea.

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1. It might help her chill about Mady and Cara growing up

Twins Mady and Cara are already 15, and starting to get a little rebellious/acting like normal teenagers. In a recent video, Gosselin freaked out about her daughters talking to boys on the beach in Florida, saying she doesn’t feel ready to deal with flirting. Being able to talk to someone she can trust and who cares about her and her kids would give her something else to focus on. It might help her feel less anxious about the girls becoming adult-ish, and could de-escalate her panic.

2. Hasn’t this woman been through enough?

Gosselin’s long and difficult history of less than awesome romantic relationships has been well documented (she was on a whole show about one of them, after all), and it would be great to see her find someone who’s into her genuinely and not just because she’s on TV and is super visible.

3. Someone else to absorb the drama that seems to follow her

This wouldn’t be your only job, Kate Gosselin’s Future Boyfriend, but if you were to come along soon, one thing you might do is distract Kate from herself. Think of what she could do if she weren’t being doggedly pursued by scandal!

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4. It could mean a break from the cameras

In this season’s premiere, fans on Twitter were hoping to see Gosselin’s future dating life on the show, but back in 2010, she, committed to finding a partner, said that any relationship she got into wouldn’t be recorded for TV. If there’s any way Gosselin’s earlier sentiment still applies, it could be great — it seems more likely that a relationship could be healthy and survive long term if the people in it aren’t being followed by cameras, provided Gosselin wants to keep some part of her life private.

5. The Gosselin kids could use another male figure in their lives

They do have Jon, of course, but maybe someone who hasn’t spent a lot of time in the tabloids saying less than great things about their mom and her parenting? Gosselin’s next partner would, of course, have to be into hanging out with eight kids, and would also have to get what it means to share time with Jon. But it might be great if he also wasn’t famous, even though it seems unlikely that he’d be able to escape the spotlight at all.

6. It’s not great to be lonely

Just because Gosselin has eight kids doesn’t mean she has anyone to talk to about adult things, including how frustrating and weird it probably is to be on TV. And money doesn’t keep you company. It would be good for her to have a partner who would support her, won’t add to the perpetual chaos that seems to be her life and doesn’t eat a gluten free diet.

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Do you want to see Gosselin have a relationship on the show? Why? What are you looking forward to on this season of Kate Plus 8?

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