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Gigi Hadid has a message for all the online haters and body-shamers (VIDEO)

Gigi Hadid is standing up for women everywhere.

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Gigi Hadid recently appeared on Live! with Kelly and Michael to talk about her role in standing up to haters — especially body-shamers — online.

“I’ve played volleyball since I was in sixth grade. I went to Junior Olympic qualifiers for volleyball, so I have always been an athlete. That’s just been my body type,” Hadid said, as she explained that even with her supermodel physique, she gets put down online for having physical flaws.

She continued, “I don’t think it’s just me. My whole thing with fighting back on social media and standing up for myself has also been because when I did so, there were Victoria’s Secret Angels to plus-size models that were texting me saying, ‘This is happening to everyone regardless of who they are.’ I think that’s the problem.”

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Hadid is far from the first famous person to speak out against body shaming. As the Internet and social media have become celebrities’ main way of communicating with their fans, comments sections and direct messages have been used by haters to critique everything from celebs’ heads to their toes. Many in Hollywood have spoken out against the culture of shaming women for being imperfect, and many have also said women are the targets of body-shamers far more than men are.

As far as Hadid is concerned, it’s a lack of empathy that makes Internet trolls think they can get away with their behavior.

“I think that my message is that people need to realize that the person that they’re commenting on, regardless of if they’re in the public eye or not, is an actual human, and hiding behind a computer doesn’t make it OK,” she said.

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Do you agree with Gigi Hadid? Have online haters taken things too far? Head down to the comments to share your thoughts.

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