CMTU: Ceraadi girls impress fans with spectacular performance

A few weeks ago on Christina Milian Turned Up, we saw quite the tantrum from Ceraadi, which didn’t exactly endear them to fans. On Tuesday’s episode, Christina gave the girls a chance to redeem themselves, and they came through in a big way.

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If you’ve been watching this season of CMTU, you probably remember the time Milian decided to invite Ceraadi, the girl group she’s been mentoring, into the studio with her and producers Silent Killers. You probably also remember when Sandra, the girls’ mother and manager, started a giant fight with Ocean, one of the producers, after he suggested that the girls might want to act like they cared about being there just a little. When Milian told Ceraadi and Sandra that they had to choose between staying in the studio and working things out, or leaving, the girls decided to leave.

Needless to say, fans were horrified by Ceraadi’s behavior, and were also shocked when Milian gave them not only another chance, but a huge chance, on Tuesday’s episode — performing with her at a Fourth of July concert at the Rose Bowl. It seemed like a huge risk, especially since there was a significant time crunch, and when two out of the three girls showed up to the soundcheck rehearsal with the wrong shoes and bad attitudes, it appeared that things were about to go south again. Fans were both irritated and in awe of Milian’s repeated generosity.

The show did go on, though, and in spite of all the drama with Ceraadi and Sandra, and the drama going on elsewhere between Richard and Dom, Milian’s performance was flawless, which was no surprise to fans.

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Although they’re still really naive about the music industry, and their attitude is definitely being enabled by Sandra, Ceraadi definitely nailed their first big gig. Maybe it’s the realization that they’re not “just” being mentored by a huge deal like Milian, but it’s happening on TV, that helped them pull it together. Milian was committed to showcasing all of Ceraadi’s talent, and she thought they could do a great job and a lot of work in a really short amount of time, in spite of their previously not so awesome under pressure behavior. “These girls have what it takes, I can feel it,” Christina said about Ceraadi. It’s so clear that she believes in them; she’s been willing to put her own reputation at stake to get them to where she thinks they can go, in spite of the fact that they seemed to be not so committed previously. Since this is reality TV, it’s possible that there’s a lot we didn’t see — maybe a heart to heart between Milian and the girls, and conversations between the girls themselves? What matters, though, ultimately, is that Ceraadi didn’t disappoint Milian or CMTU fans, and that bodes well for their future in the industry.

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Were you surprised that Ceraadi pulled it off? Do you want to see more of them on CMTU in the future?

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