Amy Duggar's first-ever blog post reveals family cure for any illness

Dec 8, 2015 at 3:50 p.m. ET

Ready for flu season?

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Duggar is. She's also apparently ready for every cough, sniffle, ache, pain and upset stomach that comes her way. In her first-ever blog post, she revealed the Duggar family secret to treating any illness, and how she's using it to take care of her new husband.

"I'm typing my very first blog post today!" Duggar wrote on her website. "I have to admit it's a little intimidating! I’ve been looking online and I have realized having a blog is a lot of work! I’m excited though to share more of my life with you!"

She continued, "Right now though, I have to tend to my husband today who’s a little bit under the weather. It’s that time of year again where Kleenex just happens to be your best friend."

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The secret to taking care of her hubby, Dillon King?

"Has anyone heard of Oil of Oregano [sic]??" she asked. "My Grandma Duggar swears by it and now I agree with her! I don’t know how many times I’ve had flu- like [sic] symptoms and instead of going the pharmaceutical route I veered off onto the natural, herbal path!!"

Duggar recounted an experience she had with a nasty stomach bug, and how oil of oregano was the secret family cure that got her back on her feet.

"Five years ago I became really sick in Mexico from eating a salad," she wrote. "I’ll spare you the details but LET'S just say I couldn't enjoy any of the Spanish cuisine for 2 days! Luckily my mom remembered she had some Oil of Oregano [sic] with her. I must say it worked like a charm! I was back enjoying the ocean breeze in no time! I’m telling you it works wonders! You can pick it up at any health food store. Now… to get my husband on the band wagon [sic] about it! ;) Thanks for reading and I’ll be back Tomorrow [sic]!"

Now we almost wish we'd catch a cold so we can give it a try.

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Have you ever used oil of oregano?