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7 Things to know about Louis Tomlinson’s new girlfriend, Danielle Campbell

Louis Tomlinson is definitely a man about town.

He currently has a baby on the way with Los Angeles-based stylist Brianna Jungwirth, but that doesn’t seem to mean he’s locked down. The One Direction star is now rumored to be dating actress Danielle Campbell.

The two were spotted canoodling at Millions of Milkshakes in Hollywood earlier this week, according to an E! News source, and Tomlinson was “all over the girl” and “being playful and all lovey towards her like couples do.”

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A fan who happened to be in the restaurant posted a picture of the two looking cozy on Twitter.

So who is this mystery woman? Here’s what we know so far.

1. She’s not really that much of a mystery

If you’re a fan of the The Vampire Dairies spin-off The Originals, then chances are, you are already well acquainted with Campbell. She currently stars in the show as Davina Claire.

But The Originals wasn’t Campbell’s big break. She first came on to the Hollywood scene way back in 2006, when she played little Gracey on the hit show Prison Break.

Danielle Campbell on Prison Break
Image: Fox

2. She might have actually caught Tomlinson’s eye a while ago

The Millions of Milkshakes trip wasn’t the first time Tomlinson and Campbell have been spotted out together. Campbell’s friend Keelin Woodell posted a selfie with Campbell and Tomlinson last month, indicating that Campbell and Tomlinson’s reported fling is more than a one-night thing.

However, this could also mean that the two are just close friends, which is, after all, how he refers to the Jungwirth — the mother of his unborn child.

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3. She was discovered in a Midwestern hair salon

According to IMDb, Campbell found out she was destined for stardom while visiting a hair salon in Chicago. It makes perfect sense, really, considering the girl has unbelievably amazing hair.

4. She’s a morning person

She may portray a character on a show where everyone is out all night hooting with the owls, but Campbell actually prefers to soar with the eagles.

I’m a huge morning person,” Campbell said in a Q&A posted on YouTube. “Breakfast is my favorite meal and I’m very much, very much a morning person. I’m happiest in the morning and I start to fade at the end of the day and get deliriously happy and laugh, but, definitely a morning person.”

5. She’s an animal lover

And not afraid of snakes.

6. She likes to give back

In addition to taking part in the Stand Up to Cancer campaign, Campbell recently partnered with Heifer International, a nonprofit organization that links communities and helps bring sustainable agriculture and commerce to areas with a long history of poverty.

“We went to Guatemala and I met so many incredible people,” Campbell said of working with Heifer in an interview with “The people were in tears because they were so happy and so grateful. You can see in the before and after pictures of what Heifer has helped them do and how they have provided.”

7. She’s close to her baby brother

Campbell hangs with her younger brother, Johnny, all the time, and is always giving a shout-out to his budding photography business.

What do you think? Do you ship Tomlinson and Campbell?

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